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EN can no longer create Notes. Wow. How fun is that

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OSX Mavericks. Latest EN download (6.0.3)


EN is so borked... creating notes now makes an entry in the notes as untitled, with no possibility of adding any content to the the note. So that makes EN useless. If you cannot make a note, it is time to uninstall and use something that can take notes. 


Anyone else experience this wonderful new feature? Perhaps I am just dense. How does one edit a note these days with EN? It used to be obvious. You make a note, and type on your keyboard and it all just worked. Now... it is make a new note and stare at a useless dialog prompting me to add tags... wowza...


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Evernote's KB article about the v6.x release and subsequent problems...

Blog item on 6.x -

Most important tip about the latest version (6.0.3)  seems to be to reboot the device after the update and allow Evernote to reindex its database.

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- They use the language should correct when updating from 6.0.1 to 6.0.3 but for me the correct language would be... problems with notes persist even with version 6.0.3. Additionally, you cannot reboot an App on OSX but you can indeed Quit an App and then re-start it. Doing this does not correct the bug in the 6.0.3 version of the Mac OSX App on Mavericks. I am not moving to Yosemite for at least 6 more months as it is currently in status "***** OS".


As for the blog link you posted, unfortunately for me that comes up 404. Thanks for the input though! Much appreciated. For now I am using the Web App as that still works. 

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