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  1. Obviously, because I use Evernote for work, I can see where I might need direct tech support at times. Since I already use Office365 (which has OneNote), and if it comes with tech support (since it is paid service, I'm presuming they do), I will likely switch over to OneNote. I started using OneNote yesterday and much too my surprise I seem to like it better than EverNote. I'm keeping EverNote for the past notes already there, BUT am now using OneNote for new notes. Am also slowly copying over important notes to OneNote. Been happy with EverNote for years, BUT some scrambled notes is enough to reconsider.
  2. In going back in some typed notes I was shocked to see some intermittent gibberish intermixed with clear notes. Here is an example: This was hand typed into Evernote about a year ago. In the middle of coherent text some text has morphed into gibberish. I use Evernote for work, BUT am not concerned about the stability of EverNote. I am using Evernote on an iMac with OS 10.13.6. I use the application on my desktop and app on iPhone.
  3. I think this thread can be summarized in one sentence. EN appears to have been infected with the dreaded Bloatware syndrome. Is it now time for the EN supreme council to sit around a table, each have a nice cup of hot chocolate, and agree it is time to get back to basics. Not being able to print note titles seems to me to be a basic problem.
  4. What a mess. All note content is gone. All I have left are note titles. Also, unable to create new note content. Evernote 6.03, Mac OS 10.7.5
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