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Windows 8 or a Mac with Evernote

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I have used Win7 for years now, and think it is the best version of Windows that Microsoft ever produced.

But Win8 -- not so much.  I have seen lots of Win8 issues (in general) reported, and many more EN Win issues with Win8 than Win7.


Having been both a Windows and Mac user, I can say that I find the Mac far superior, especially the MacBook Air.  I own both the MBA-11 and MBA-13, and find the MBA to be the best computer I have ever used.


I have used EN Mac since Ver 1.1, and in general it has run well.  However, the recent debacle with Ver 6 has put a serious dent in the Evernote reputation.  But then I always wait at least a few weeks before I update to any new version, and this has paid off well.

I am still running EN Mac 5.5.2 on my main Mac, a MacBook Pro Retina 15, and it works quite well.  I am testing Ver 6.0.3 on my MBA-13, and so far it seems to work fine, although a number of other users continue to report bugs.


However, the latest EN Win 5.7.2 has also seen many issue reports, particularly with Win8 users.


Bottom line, I highly recommend a Mac, either a MBA or MBP, depending on how much power you actually need.

If you can wait another month or so, the MBA 12-in with Retina is rumored to be released soon.  This could be the best MBA ever.

OTOH, you can pickup a current MBA at discount prices, maybe even more discounted when the MBA-12r is released.


Oh, one more thing.  The Mac can also run Windows in a virtual machine environment, right along with Mac apps.  See Parallels for details.  It works quite well.  I have been using it for about a year now to run apps like Quicken H&B (no Mac app available).

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I think Evernote is pretty even-handed about sharing bugs between the various OS's,  and the Windows vs Mac vs Touch debates are likely to rumble on for years yet.  I've used Evernote on various shades of Windows from Vista to XP,  7 and 8.0/8.1 and it works on all of them - sometimes it takes a bit of effort to get started,  but I get pretty much the same experience now as when I began.  I'd respectfully suggest that you find a laptop that you want to use - for size,  cost,  capacity and style reasons,  and worry about how well Evernote works on it only when you're pretty committed.  I dare say once you have a make and model in mind someone around here will already have tried it,  and can guide you more specifically...

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