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Web Clipper Happiness



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Not a complaint. It's just a great feeling when you're reading an article and want to save it, so you click on the Evernote web clipper icon, and the Article option selects exactly what you want (leave those reader comments out, please), and you look down and the correct notebook is chosen, and the tags are exactly what you would have done by hand. Frictionless. This seems to happen more and more often, and that's pretty cool.


Thanks to the web clipper team.

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Ah, now I know the secret. Wonder if it works with the Evernote/Win team?


Honestly, Jakob, there's really not much more that I'd want. Maybe the ability to query/report on whether I've already clipped a particular URL before, before I clip? Doesn't happen often, but hat would save me the occasional duplicate note.


Aside from that, just keep on rockin'!! Thanks again.

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Yeah, we have ideas on how to accomplish notifying users when they visit a URL that is already clipped. Nothing tangible yet but we want to build it if we can find a robust solution. Your requested has been noted. 

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