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Issue syncing Desktops to EN

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This morning both my laptops stopped syncing my notebooks when ever I do manually.  The notebooks however sync changes to notes and new not if I sign-out and syncs on the way out.

When I log into EN web, I can see all changes and added notes just fine as I can also see them on my iPhone.  this started this morning, I have untinstalled-re-installed EN on both laptops and still have this same scenario.  Are there any global desktop server syncc issues toay?

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Glad I'm not the only person in this situation, no real replys on what may be wrong but having the exact same issue on two desktops at the same time are suspect of a bug.  Atleast my phone works and the web versions seems reliable.  I've read similar posts where this issue was cleared in the next release, as often as the come it will not be long so I will wait.  I was actually thinking of going Premium right before this started, I definately will not when you can't get support on the Free platform. Sad.

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Meanwhile, you might want to employ these sync best practices:


It is best to manually sync, and sync often, especially after:

  1. Entry/Edit of an important note
  2. End of Session BEFORE you close or put your machine to sleep
  3. End of Day
  4. Start using a different device
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Took one more stab at this desktop sync issue today.  I completely uninstalled EN on my Win8 laptop.  I even deleted all Reg keys and rebooted PC then reinstalled EN.  When I logged in EN was seeing all of my notes in my default notebook that were there prior to this issue starting.  I don't mind using the web version but really do not like its interface.  I have always preferred the desktop version if I'm sitting in front of one which I am most of the time, its just BETTER. What else can I try?  seems that if EN was installed on any of my PC's has this issue.  How can I completely blow EN away from a desktop and start over.  This is very frustrating, have way bigger fish to fry than fight this issue.  

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@SteveH69:  Well, it looks like you are down to a complete uninstall and reinstall.


If a normal uninstall/reinstall has not fixed your issue, you may want to try Revo Uninstaller Pro.

It has been recommended by Evernote Tech Support for certain cases where you need to ensure that all traces of the program are removed from your system.  There is a full-function trial available for free.


Warning!  This will delete ALL Evernote data on your PC.  Make sure you have a full backup locally of your Evernote folder/database before proceeding.


Procedure for Clean Reinstall of Evernote Windows Using Revo


  1. IF you have any Local Notebooks, or unsynced Notes, you MUST export them to ENEX files BEFORE proceeding.
  2. Download and Install Revo Uninstaller Pro
  3. Run Revo to fully uninstall Evernote
  4. Restart your PC
  5. Download and Install the latest non-beta version of Evernote Windows from the Evernote.com web site.
    • Depending on how many Notes you have, and the size of your Evernote account, it make take a while to complete the sync download after install.  
    • This could range from minutes for small accounts to hours to a day or more for very large accounts.
    • The sync download may continue to run in the background.
  6. Import any ENEX files you have after the install has completed.  


After the sync download has completed, and Evernote seems to be running properly, it would be a good time to do a full backup locally of your Evernote folder/database (of course, quit Evernote first).  


If you don't have a backup system in place, now would also be a great time to set one up.   I recommend using a local backup system like MS Windows Backup for ease of restore, and on online system like CrashPlan for catastrophic protection.



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Welp, still no go, thanks for that last suggestion of removing via Revo Unistaller, neat program! but no luck.  Manual Synce still fails at about 1 min and 40 seconds, its only really synced 4 notes.  I see from the log it tries to down notes in several batches in different sizes.  I even went as far as deleting the the last note before the sync failed msg.  I am going to boot up a working XP laptop that had a working copy of EN and see what happens, it hasnt been booted in about 6 months.  I will post that result soon..

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OK,, tested the XP Laptop with EN version and it also fails ????? There must be something corrupt within my notebooks somewhere.  Are there any scans that can be ran from the web versions to help sort this out?  At this point after all that has been done, The issue now points to my data.  Another question is there some kind of rollback I can do to my account on the Web?

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I have tested creating an new EN account and did the clean uninstall and removal of my last installed current version of EN.  I can add notes and sync just fine.  When I log out that account and back into my original account, the sync fails.  I have deleted all notes added to that original account in the past 3 weeks and tried to sync to no avail.  This is pointing to a data issue that I cannot figure out.  At this point I would hate to start fresh with a new account, I've accumulated a lot of good notes and documents that would be pain to manually copy over thus risk corrupting the new account.  One thing I might mention is that one other factor that could be at play.  I had installed EN on work PC about 2 weeks ago but was not really using it.  That PC had a hardware failure, thermal issue that shut down the PC after 30 seconds of logging in.  At the time of the first crash EN was NOT running.  That is only thing out of the ordinary.  How do you create a support ticket if you do not have a Premium account?  Does anyone have any other suggestions?  I've put a lot of work into solving this on my own and would like to get this solved with cutting my losses and starting over.  

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Support tickets are available to all users for reporting account issues, bugs, and lost data.


Submit a BUG report via an EN Support Ticket. In the Support Form, select "Report a bug, crash, or data lost", and start the Ticket Title with "BUG:  " to make it clear.  Reporting a bug should be available to all users, including Free Account owners.



How do you create a support ticket if you do not have a Premium account?  Does anyone have any other suggestions?  I've put a lot of work into solving this on my own and would like to get this solved with cutting my losses and starting over.  

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