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No reply from evernote support

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I have a problem getting a reply from evernote support in japan~

Sometimes the pdf file downloaded to the android tablet fails to open(opens on mac,iphone,android phone)

Creating the file manually from scratch again after erasing it,and subsequently downloading it to the tablet works

but is a hassle....I asked support on the japanese site, and they initially told me to send screenshots,

which I did, but no reply after that.

 Anybody have problems with communicating with support?

 Sorry, this  maybe the wrong place to write this stuff, but any advice will help//////



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Hi - have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Tablet app?  What version of Android is the tablet running?


Don't know what connections exist with other Support teams,  but if you can post your ticket number here,  we can flag the situation for an Admin to have a look at...

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Support isn't responding to me either,  and they also arent' taking my #$% payment!   


Don't think they'll be in business very long.   Too bad.   Great concept.


A one-man demolition derby. Multiple posts on different threads is quite damaging. I must say.

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Hi , Thanks

Ticket number is # 828262(among others).

I have already tried redownloading the app itself a couple of times

(resulting in different pdf's becomecorrupt).I am usingAndroid-Sony-SGP612 android version 4.4.

My thoughts on this is,dowloaded files will always have a possibility to be corrupt,

so I would like to have a simple way to redownload the file.The present workaround I a doing

1)requires me to make the file again from scratch with a different name 2)need to have another device to do this...

Reinstalling the app+data did not work+It is not a good idea because it causes  monetary etc. damage by using up my data

plan doing this. I will not babble about the money,(forget about it) I just would like a straight foward answer,If my workaround is

the only way to download the file again... I just don't wanna bother looking for the answer-thats my priority .

(If the answer would be better answered just between me and evernote , It's fine with me.)

Yes, I will continue to use evernote even if there is no other way. It is great software.

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Just to update the above post,

I have got response from japanese staff, but we are still just checking on the conditions causing the problem.

I will update on this.


One thing I am real afraid of reading the Japanese support posts is that people believe the reason for the very slow action

or no actual solution, or asking to reinstall the app and data( some people having over 50GB)) at their cost,not answering posts

is due to lack of power of independence to act in evernote japan(i.e. wait for evernote US's orders/information/approval)..

..I fear it is heading to a  international class action lawsuit reading posts etc, and even though their upset is understandable

that is very bad for me cause I rely on  evernote (even if it has bugs)and stuff like this can make upgrades real slow.....


It maybe hard, but please keep on trying!

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