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Copy Note Link (local, private) no longer available?



Evernote version 6.0.1 (Direct)


There no longer seems to be a means to copy a note link that will open a note locally on my Mac  (rather than in the browser/web page).  Is this a bug or a feature?


I find (had found) it very useful to copy a note's link into my task application and then later open that linked Evernote locally on my Mac for both reference and to add further to that note... with the note only opening in the browser as it seems to now, there is no [quick/easy] means to edit that note.  Oddly, a private link can be created in the iOS Evernote version which, although it opens a link in the browser initially, it then opens iOS Evernote and provides access to the note for editing.



Note: the short cut key to copy a note link also seems to be inoperative.

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The copy note link keyboard shortcut no longer works, neither the default shortcut (ctrl + alt+ cmd C) nor the custom shortcut I had created.  The only way to copy the local link to the menu is through the menus.  


Any word from Evernote on whether or not this is a feature that will be restored via a patch/update?  Having a keyboard shortcut for this operation is a huge time saver.

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I just wanted to add that the iOS behavior described above doesn't work for me - the link only opens in Safari and never resolves to opening in the Evernote app, and that is my biggest issue: when I'm using Evernote on my Mac, I have no problems or issues with holding Option and selecting Copy Classic Note Link. However, any note I share or copy the link for from iOS always opens in a browser.

This is a huge problem for me since I'll have many items in Evernote that I share out for task management on my iPhone, either through email or to Fantastical. It would be so much better if when I tap these links in a different app to have them open in the Evernote app rather than a browser where I have to log in. It all seems kind of pointless and not well thought out....

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