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  1. Yes, but it turns out, it was my fault. I had changed my EN password some days ago (routine security) and forgot about it. That is what caused the problem with the clipper. Logging out and in solved the problem. Sorry. And thanx for your help.
  2. I'm not sure if any changes or fixes to the Search engine were made, but you might try the just released production version of EN Mac: EN Mac 6.2 Update -- Released Just downloaded it. Will give it a spin and let you know. But I seriously doubt it got fixed, it was still there in the latest beta, and it’s been around for more than a year now.
  3. I’m using Evernote for Mac, the latest beta. But the problem isn’t new, it started when they switched to the new look for Yosemite, more than a year ago, and persisted ever since. Please, if you haven’t read my post to the full, no need to comment. Can we please go back to the topic? Any ideas why this is happening? Is it a general problem? Specific to certain versions? Can somebody check?
  4. For more than a year now (possibly more), Evernote search has been a complete mess: the search views do not update in real time. Examples: Search for notes with tag ABC in Notebook A. Take one of the notes in the list and move it to a different notebook, it should vanish from view, right? It doesn’t. It stays put. Not always of course, but frequently enough to be annoying. Search for notes with tag ABC in folder A containing three notebooks B, C, D. Move one of the notes from folder B to C, it should stay in view, right? Often it vanishes. Search for notes with tag ABC in Notebook A, order notes by date created; change the date on one note, it should move up or down the list accordingly, right? It doesn’t — almost always it doesn’t. You have to change the view option (like list by date modified) and back for the note to change place. See link for more detail: https://www.evernote.com/l/AA1umKKwajRHUYPV1tUPbJuLJx9JuHrgWwY The search bar is a total mess (in the French version I use — of course the natural language search is only available for the English version, which Evernote does not allow you to download if you happen to live in France). It is hard to explain without images, so I please check the link below for details. https://www.evernote.com/l/AA0NfDi5njlAC6XbTU_e6ykNw9Di98XyyuA
  5. The copy note link keyboard shortcut no longer works, neither the default shortcut (ctrl + alt+ cmd C) nor the custom shortcut I had created. The only way to copy the link to the note is through the menus.
  6. I've been using EN 5.6.1 Beta and later and can report the problem is gone. All notes now sync correctly.
  7. Another EN for Mac update, and a new set of things that used to work just fine is now broken. Now certain note just refuse to sync, and it's systematic: notes from certain sites do not sync, period. These same sites used to work fine before.
  8. The search box on the (Windows) desktop continues to work perfectly fine for me. Not on the Mac. It is quite a hassle to add new terms to a search and almost impossible to edit them; often the easiest way is to delete the whole search phrase and start over.
  9. The problems is not the developers, it’s the management. And yes they have lost focus: Evernote worked far better for me a few years ago than it does today, actually. The search box on the desktop client is USELESS, search is pretty much incapable of highlighting search terms (especially if it is not in latin script) — these things used to work fine a few versions ago. Not to mention quality issues and various bugs. Add to that all the unannounced, unwelcome, unnecessary and no-choice changes made: I’m still smarting over changes to the window behaviour from a couple of years ago; and now this. Meanwhile the developers found the time to create a market place to sell socks and put a button for it in the desktop client.
  10. It will use your real name if you fill it in on your profile page. And I don’t know much about the intricacies of email, but the old system seemed to work fine, and so many other services send emails from my gmail account (the one I use to connect to Evernote) the same way, so why did it suddenly become a problem? And there were certainly better solutions, like asking authorisation to access the email account, or simply, on the desktop, opening a mail window with the formatted note in it and letting you chose how to send it, or giving us a personalised accounts like myname@evernote.com, etc. In fact any solution would have been better than the one they opted for, which is sending notes from an anonymous no-reply account that makes them look very much like spam. But that’s Evernote for you these days: they’ll give you a “marketplace” to sell you socks, but no options on how you send notes. I have never seen a company so completely lose focus on what its paying clients want and expect...
  11. Actually it does not display real name, it only displays your Evernote long-in name, which may or may not be your real name. If my Evernote user name is different from my real name, most correspondents would not guess this email came from ME. And that’s a problem. A big problem.
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