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  1. Total agreement. Seeing Recents is an unnecessary clutter for me and is very distracting.
  2. That did it! Worth every laborious step ha ha. Thanks so much!!
  3. Thanks, JMichael! I downloaded AppDelete and it appears to be a great app! However, it couldn't find any instance of Evernote on my computer to delete. Hhmmm. So it occurred to me that if I was being asked to log-in to Evernote each time I've restarted lately, I must have Evernote listed in one of my apps to open at start-up (which is indeed what I prefer). So I went to System Prefs and sure enough it was still listed there as one of my Login Items. Right-clicking it there gave me the option to Show in Finder, so I did that and it opened an empty Finder window. Huh, okay. I removed Evernote from the Login Items, and restarted. So far so good, I wasn't asked to log in, but then I noticed that the Evernote Helper was running in my Menu Bar, a preference I usually decline. Weird. So I clicked it and chose Quit. Then I downloaded and installed the latest version of Evernote from the website, but when I opened it for the first time I received an error message saying "App Store Installation Detected. A Mac App Store installation of Evernote has been detected. Evernote needs to make a new copy of your notes. This may take up to several minutes if you have a large account." (I'd post a screenshot of it, but I can't remember how to upload images to My Media! Ugh, braindead.) I started to just go ahead with that in my frustration, but now I'm worried that it would lose my most recent notes that I had made sure to sync the other day at the beginning of this ordeal. Very confused. Would like to get back to using Evernote but there doesn't seem to be a clear path. It still seems likely to me that there must be something cached from the App Store version that I must have stupidly and mistakenly installed at some point (why, I don't know), and wondered if anyone knew a way to completely nuke that? Thanks as always!
  4. Well, not having much luck so far. I downloaded App Cleaner and followed the instructions, deleting what I thought were all associated Evernote files. Restarted before emptying trash and an Evernote log-in window appeared at startup, so I emptied trash and restarted again. Same thing, so I looked at About Evernote from the menu bar and it said it was the App Store version. Okay, so I did Spotlight again and found no evidence of the App Store version on my computer. So I went to the App Store and checked my past purchases, and sure enough at one time I had installed it but there was an "Install" button to the right of it, implying that it wasn't currently installed on my machine. BUT, it said there had been an update installed on it in the past 30 days! Confusing. I restarted again and got the same Evernote log-in thing. I'm hesitant to re-download Evernote from the site and install it just yet. Any clue about what might be going on with this App Store version? Is there some kind of cache that might be hanging around mucking things up that I can clear out? Thanks for all your help!
  5. Thanks! Yes, still experiencing this. I'd done a thorough (manual and Spotlight) search of the computer and this is the only version on here. Will follow your advice this week - a little too busy at the moment - but just to be clear, it sounds like it's best for me to stick with the version direct from Evernote than going to the App Store? No preference on my end, either way's fine. Also, for uninstalling: any other files I should delete besides the app itself? Part of me wonders if at one time, maybe on an earlier OS, I had tried the App Store version and maybe there were files left behind from it that might contribute to the issue. Thanks again!
  6. Every time I restart my Mac, I'm greeted with the Evernote error message: Version too old Your local Evernote data is being managed by a newer version of Evernote. Please use the latest version. How can this be? I AM using the latest version from the App Store (6.1) and have had no problems with this until recently. Evernote is set to automatically launch at log-in but doesn't, presenting that error message instead. If I open Evernote, everything seems to run fine, and all notes are there. There is no other older version of Evernote on my Mac. Searching online for a solution only led me to articles concerning version 5.x. The only thing I can think of that's changed recently is that I upgraded to Yosemite, but that was still a couple of months before this started happening. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  7. +1 as well! I don't mind changing times on occasion, but I'd love to be able to set my own default time that I'd prefer for 90% of my notes. A real time-saver!
  8. I've been experiencing slow behavior with Evernote Clipper on my Mac Pro when clipping notes from Safari. The slowness started happening quite sometime ago when I was running Lion, but has continued while using Mountain Lion (currently 10.8.3). What happens is that I click the Evernote button in my Safari toolbar and the little sheet drops down as usual for capturing the page, and indeed the title of the page is filled in, but I get "Loading Notebooks" in the Notebooks field and the Tags field is blank. The amount of time it takes to finally populate these fields varies, but is never less than 15 seconds, and is often more than 30! I don't have a large number of notebooks - only 17 including the Trash - and what makes things weirder is that the web clipper works fine on my Macbook Air in Safari, running the same OS version and the same version of Evernote. I do the bulk of my clipping from the desktop though, so this has slowed me down quite a bit and I've finally reached the point of complaining about it. Any thoughts on what might be causing this sluggish behavior? Thanks!
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