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EMERGENCY.. local notebook not open up..


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I have not backup my evernote local notebook, now its not opening after evernote 5.7 updates.

saved my medical notes, plz suggest me how to short out this problem..

i need urgent solution.


key to note..

all old files and data is saved in folders + .exb format



changes i made previously before problem created..

1. changes the destination folder to hard disc

2. then it not opening, uninstall it

3. install update it from evernote 5.0 to 5.7 



if anyone know the solution email me/mssg me



-+91 9096960357


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First please open a web browser and log in to your account at Evernote.com.  The web version of Evernote should contain all your notes and will allow you to see and edit records while you sort out your installed Evernote problem.


I suggest you first try to uninstall the current version of Evernote and download and install a fresh copy of the current version from Evernote.com.


Before you do so though please copy your Evernote Database folder (which will be somewhere like C:\Users\<YOURNAME>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\...) to somewhere safe.

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OK - your local notebook data should still be stored in the database at the address I quoted originally.  Please copy it to another location for safety,  and uninstall / reinstall Evernote as suggested.  I'm hoping that when you log in to your account Evernote will be able to read your database information from its original location.

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Where did Evernote create a new EXB file?  In the database directory alongside the old file?  When you reinstall and open Evernote it should recognise the old EXB file and load your data.  If that file has become corrupt in some way then you will have a problem - only Evernote can correctly read the content (although EXB files can also be read by a SQLlite database viewer). 


If you are a premium member you could try the support link (see below) and open a chat session with an Evernote employee if there is one available.

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To copy or transfer your old data in Evernote,  it's necessary to make Evernote recognise the old EXB file.  If Evernote can do this,  you will be able to copy the content you need.  Evernote needs to be able to find the old EXB file however - as suggested above,  if you open Evernote and click Tools > Options > General,  is the correct path to your old file shown there?

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Based upon the above, it appears you have two files with the exact same name, sunil.exb.  If that is not true, please be specific per Gazumped's post above.


If this is true, you can try and recover the local notebooks, but this can be risky depending upon your PC skills.  If it were I, I would:

  1. Shut down EN.
  2. Make a backup of both files.
  3. Turn off the internet to prevent syncing.
  4. Put a copy the "old" larger EXB file in your EN data directory, per the above, making sure the file name and directory matches.
  5. Bring up EN.
  6. See if your local notebooks are back.
  7. If they are, make ENEX backups.  If not stop here.
  8. If you have EN on your phone, compare what is currently on the web with what you now see in EN.
  9. If they are the same, turn on the internet and sync.
  10. If not, you may have to do a DB rebuild and then import the ENEX files you created in step 7.  It may be a good idea to do a rebuild anyway...

The purpose of this exercise is to get you local notebooks back.  But again buyer beware and protect those backups.

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 [  Edit  - csihilling beat me to it  -- I am pretty much telling you the same thing]



[ Help!  Help me!     Please! -- Please Help  (paraphrased) ]


gazumped and csihilling are both awesome (and my heros) but let me try to come at it another way





You have your have your database and and exported the files -- THAT'S GREAT  Be VERY careful you do not mess up these files


Now . . . take a deep breath . . .


You have a clean install of the program (which will mess up your special changes to locations of your old data) -- this can be fixed


1)  Let us see where your data files are right now in the new clean install

          a)  from your menu bar at the top Tools -> Options  -> Open Database Folder *this is a blue hyperlink)


            b  )  mine is located here C:\Users\[myName]\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases


           c) since this is a clean install it will not have your local files on it -- but you have the files saved somewhere else -- GOOD!!!


           d) Log out of Evernote, you may need to log out of anything Evernote opened in your Task Bar too -- Lower right -


                 Let's first get your Local notes back


          e)   I AM SSSUMING YOU HAVE SAVED ALL your old database files -- if you did then just delete these NEW database files which do NOT contain your local notes








                      etc etc


f)  now open a new Directory window where your old database files are located and copy these old files over to the Current location Evernote is using and wher you just deleted those files


G)  start up Everynote again and you will need to log into your account. If you have saved all the database notes it should open for you


                 If you only saved the .exb  file, I have had problems with getting just that to work

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