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Living with Evernote, the right device. Tablets.

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I am looking to move my note taking fully onto evernote and I'd appreciate some advice on what works for you/ opinion. I am a young professional and take occasional courses, my laptop is falling apart and i think a lighter tablet may be a better option.

Right now I am looking at the apple air (original)

-because I've had dell and toshiba laptops that over time just start to fall apart for no good reason, I've seen apples outlast my laptops, in addition to a better resale value

- penultimate works on apples and it doesn't appear to be on androids, if I move fully to evernote I would like the stylus writen notes to be searchable and syncable via evernote

- light and easy to carry

I would like to consider a good android tablet but I think the lack of penultimate is a major loss, have you found a way to get around this? I appreciate any suggestions, I am new to the tablet scene and not fully aware of trade offs in this department of apple vs. android and how they work with evernote. I appreciate any advice.



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I highly recommend the MacBook Air.  IMO, you will be frustrated with the iPad.  I have tried both, and there are just too many restrictions on the iPad, both from the Apple side, and the Evernote side.  EN iOS is missing too many features found in EN Mac, that are essential, IMO.


Now might be a good time to pick a MBA at discounted prices.  You can even buy a refurbished MBA from Apple that works like new, but has a nice discount.


If you don't mind the wait, and are willing to pay a premium, it is rumored that Apple plans to release a MBA 12-in Retina late this year, or early next year.  This could be the ultimate machine.


Earlier iPads had a distinct advantage over MBAs with respect to battery run time -- but no longer.  Today's MBAs will run 10 hours or more.


EDIT:  Portability


IMO, the MBA-11 is just as portable (size, weight) as the iPad, especially if you add an external KB to the iPad as most people end up doing if you have any amount of typing to do.  


I have both a MBA-11 and MBA-13.  While I love the size/weight of the MBA-11, I have found the MBA-13 is better for me due the larger screen and longer battery life.  But you will have to decide for yourself what's best.  You might go down to the Apple store, or a Best Buy, and try them out.  Both offer a 14-day return policy, in case you change your mind.

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I highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy Note versions. They have a built in stylus that translates your handwriting into text in most apps, including Evernote. There is research suggesting that handwriting notes will help your brain retain the content better, so I would definitely go with handwriting.  I also suggest the half size, but I am a woman and I like a size I can put in a handbag. But as JMichael says about ipad Evernote, so Android Evernote is more limited. 


On Apples vs. other tablets, my husband's law firm has an IT department which is very picky about laptops, they only like higher end Lenovos because they stand up to abuse better and have discouraged us from buying cheaper laptops. I suspect that when you compare laptops at the same price point you might find greater durability in more expensive PCs. 


This is not to say Windows is the way to go over Apple, but compare directly on price and look at what you get. Different users need different things. So look at software and other features.


What you could decide is to get a cheaper Windows laptop, but mostly keep it at home where it won't get beat up and use the extra money to buy an Android tablet such as the Note I suggest. 

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