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  1. Hello, I am looking to move my note taking fully onto evernote and I'd appreciate some advice on what works for you/ opinion. I am a young professional and take occasional courses, my laptop is falling apart and i think a lighter tablet may be a better option. Right now I am looking at the apple air (original) -because I've had dell and toshiba laptops that over time just start to fall apart for no good reason, I've seen apples outlast my laptops, in addition to a better resale value - penultimate works on apples and it doesn't appear to be on androids, if I move fully to evernote I would like the stylus writen notes to be searchable and syncable via evernote - light and easy to carry I would like to consider a good android tablet but I think the lack of penultimate is a major loss, have you found a way to get around this? I appreciate any suggestions, I am new to the tablet scene and not fully aware of trade offs in this department of apple vs. android and how they work with evernote. I appreciate any advice. Cheers, Dan
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