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following note links

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Thanks. It just occurs to me that I could copy and paste the note title in the search box.  That should find all instances of it, right?  Of course it couldn't be a common word of phrase.  Would " " around the search limit to an exact match?

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quotes would limit it to an exact search, yes. 


Good thinking on your workaround!

Your workaround would work, except in cases where you've hyperlinked text that is not the title of the note you've linked to (e.g., you take any set of words and create a link to a note with a title that differs from the words you've just selected). 

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Wow... that's an interesting (and valid) one to think through  ;)


Knowing the challenges you now know, for future links you could possibly create a tag for each one and nest them under a "Links" tag. Also, for future reference, you could prefix the link or include an in-note tag, such as #nl... Basically, whatever would make sense to you, or what would most likely occur to your future self, come time to locate those note links. Seems like a tough one trying to backtrack if you didn't leave a trail of crumbs... or have differing note titles to the link words.   

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As long as you set a standard to make your note links that same as the note title you are okay, no extra work needed.  I've used this technique a couple of times where I had a link in a local note (I know - oops) which got broken with a rebuild or some move or other of the note.  I was able to recreate it since I followed the standard.  FWIW. 

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