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(Archived) Evernote for Android 1.1B5

Philip Constantinou

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Big updates for the Android client with the release of version 1.1 Beta 5.

New features

  • [*:2zopwvl3] Editing text notes
    [*:2zopwvl3] Appending to rich text note
    [*:2zopwvl3] Note list preferences including list/thumbnail view and changing sort order
    [*:2zopwvl3] Increased performance loading the note list
    [*:2zopwvl3] Automatically defaults to the SDCard for uploading files
    [*:2zopwvl3] Downloading PDF's supported
    [*:2zopwvl3] Localized into French, Spanish, German and Italian
    [*:2zopwvl3] Access to the note location on Google Maps
    [*:2zopwvl3] Deleting notes supported

Bug fixes

  • [*:2zopwvl3] Notes should not remain in the pending queue without uploading
    [*:2zopwvl3] Login information should not expire; notes and resources should load reliably

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Very nice to have editing back.

Don't know if it's a common issue, but I'm seeing what I would consider a sluggish response in Evernote when uploading a picture note from an SD card file (main page shows that it's uploading one note, which takes about 20 seconds to complete). Menu is very slow to respond, and when it does, the menu buttons pop up about 80%, then a few seconds later up to 100%. I wouldn't expect this if the upload task was spawned separately, but perhaps this is not an app problem but a hardware problem (processor or SD bus).

This does not happen for a text note, which is obviously a lot less overall data. Tried uploading a snapshot note taken from evernote and it's the same. (Though the first attempt crashed evernote.)

Samsung Moment, using Sprint EVDO

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Good work guys ;)

I'm trying it from 1.0B_Something (I can't remember)

I used it on my iphone and it works very fine.

I used it on my old WM, and I don't like the NO_CHACHED_NOTES (I'm not alway on-line).

Now I0m trying and using it every day with my G1... really a Good Work!!!

I read about problems with snapshot, so I do a try. I make a picture FROM EVERNOTE (1.1B5), and up to Evernote server... With my G1 (T-Mobile UK with cyanogen 4.2.5, I have app on SD classe 4 with Apps2SD) it works.

Just a question. What about the cached notes I read in an "old" post and that should be "in the next realise"? I think it is a very useful feature.

Thanks for all


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Great update!

When I first tried to update, I was getting an error whenever I tried to go to my notes, but then I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it's working fine.

One feature request now that editing is included: the ability to check boxes on to do notes. I don't even really care about being able to edit notes not created on the phone, but I use evernote as my to do list, so a lot of my notes have check boxes. It'd be great if I could just check them off on the go.

I realize though, that as far as the app is concerned, checking a box is probably the same as a full-fledged edit.

Keep up the good work!

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All sorts of problems on my Motorola Droid (Android 2.0):

Text notes: my virtual on-screen keyboard froze up trying to enter a text note. (Hard keyboard seems to work okay.)

Snapshot: the app switches the phone to camera mode with a camera icon in upper left corner. Pressing the icon or pressing the shutter release button on the phone causes the screen to freeze as if a picture has been taken, but then I can't seem to do anything after that. Pressing the icon or the hard button don't seem to do anything. No menu pops up to "send" when I press the menu softkey. Only way out seems to be to press the "back" softkey.

Audio note: uploads, but plays back at really slow speed. Maybe even slower than 1/2 speed?

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I have to tell something more....

I was just looking to my SD card now, and I look inside the sdcard/Evernote and I find inside a notes folder with inside other folders with a .html file and a .enml file inside every folder. I open the html and I find one note for folder.

So the program cached the notes, but if it is off-line it doesn't use cached notes, but just tell there is no connection available, and this let users can't read notes without connection. :(

I'll wait for next realize ;)

For now, compliments! :)


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Samsung Moment w/ and w/out PandaHome:

The previous release worked fine for picture notes on the Moment running PandaHome. When I updated to this version it would force close at the taking of a picture, and then pop-up the new version update dialog box. Cleared the cache, same thing. Uninstalled and reinstalled, same thing. Uninstalled PandaHome. Turns out it works fine under the plain-vanilla android Home. I value Evernote more than any other app on the phone except the Google apps (Voice, Contacts, gMail, Calendar, Tasks). So, its out with PandaHome, back w/ plain-vanilla Android 1.5 Home.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Are you planning to add support for encrypted text? Thank you.

Thank you. Just in case: considering that Android is already pretty secure with the login patterns and auto lockout feature it would be nice if users did not need to type in another password to view encrypted text. The same feature would be welcome on Mac and Windows as well. E.g. encrypted text can be shown on mouse-over. Thank you.

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