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  1. Yip I agree eduardosch, latest beta obviously fixed something - worked for me first time ever!
  2. katahdin - No I didn't use any task killer. I just tried taking a photo then reported the results. Seems funny that you can have loads of SD/internal storage available, & Evernote doesn't allow you to take the picture. It can't rely on available memory on the device, as Android is designed to use all available memory, unless its storing the photo in memory before it attaches?
  3. Just tried again on my HTC Magic running 2.2, & got the 'No Picture Captured' error Here are my available memory numbers: SD Card: 1.02GB free Internal Phone storage: 110MB free Running Services Memory Avail: Other: 39MB in 5 Avail: 2.3MB+0.00B in 0 (ranges from 0 -> 2.3MB free while looking) I agree it must be low memory conditions, and the HTC Magic in particular doesn't have alot of that.
  4. I agree with you canyon. I thought I'd try out the premium features by going initially for a 1 month sub ($US5). Its absolutely awesome having all my notes offline on my phone now. And only synching when on WiFi - terrific. It'll be one of those balancing acts. Paying $US45 for a full year (about $NZ60) might become a tradeoff, but if the offline is really what you want, it might be worth the $$$.
  5. Good this bug has been recorded. I get the same thing on my HTC Magic 32B. Occasionally the snapshot will work, but mostly I get the "snapshot not found" error. Sounds like the phone camera's memory usage issue you mention Ah_Fan.
  6. Everytime I look at my Notes list, like alot of other apps for Android, I want to be able todo a longpress on the note & have options todo stuff, be it delete a note, maybe copy it...share it...whatever. I guess all the options that you get when you actually go into the note & press menu plus more. Share would be cool actually. It looks like you've enabled Evernote to be "shared" within other apps, but not vice versa.
  7. Same for me with an HTC Magic with Evernote. Text notes I can copy & paste, but only be editing the note. For other rich text notes I cannot do anything. In GMail I cannot actually copy anything. I'm not sure how big the clipboard is on Android, but even if you had a "Copy all text" option would be better than nothing.
  8. No probs. I really like the Evernote app! Yeah using 'intents' within BugMe to Evernote pretty much does nothing. i.e I goto Share a scribbled note from within BugMe, I see Evernote try & do something as I see 'Evernote' appear in the command bar, then nothing. It just quickly goes back to BugMe. From the looks of things, BugMe's 'note' is a png (with an optional text title), so in theory I would imagine it should be like adding an image to Evernote. Maybe thats the problem, the 'Intent' for Evernote defaults to adding a Text Note ?
  9. Been using Evernote on Android for a while now. Have got the latest Beta which has the Share enabled again. Not having offline notes is probably the one thing I would like the most from the app, but I've actually realised its not so bad if you look at it from another angle. On the desktop either at work or at home, I'm constantly moving selected notes/piccies/webpages etc to Evernote. I only copy stuff I know I might want to access from elsewhere. Now my usage of Evernote on Android matches that. I use BugMe (old Palm users will remember BugMe as well as the excellent DiddleBug) for writing quick notes on the screen, phone numbers etc. And I use Easy Note for storing text notes etc. I then go thru occassionally & "Share" selected BugMe, Easy Notes, Piccies etc with Evernote on my phone. Unfortunately the Share function in the new Android beta is a little flaky. From some apps Share works great (Easy Note). while BugMe Share with Evernote simply does not work, when perhaps it should. The only reliable way I've found is using Share with Gmail & emailing to your Evernote email address. That works everytime. Now my usage of the Android Evernote client is more of a quick retrieval of ideas etc. And if I did want to add a notes, snapshot etc etc that option is still available to me thru the Android Evernote client. So offline notes would be awesome, but there are ways around it. And it doesn't make the Android client any less useful. Keep up the good work cheers Daryn
  10. From what I've read on this forum, offline notes for the android is on their Dev plan for sure. The iphone version has only just got full offline sync, and that's had a full year+ of extra development. So I'm confident it'll come, just gotta be patient. Am just grateful they're putting obviously some resources into development for android devices at all.
  11. Ah - fair enough! Good luck getting the feature working on a fuller range of devices. Personally I think this first public release of Evernote is an excellent one. Its a wonderful base from which you can build upon. Some of the totally negative reactions have been slightly bizarre to say the least. Looking forward to future updates (especially some sort of offline storage for certain notes). Your beta process showed the Evernote development team was extremely proactive.
  12. Yip, same for me. Using Share in applications no longer includes Evernote.
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