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  1. I know one shouldn't fill up threads with "me too" posts, but I'm another person who HATES the new look of version 6! I also want to thank Chegoyo for his post #35 which helped me roll back to version 5.7.2 - thanks! And I'll add that once you've wiped ver. 6 and re-installed 5.7.2, go to "Preferences > Software Update" and uncheck the box for "Automatically check for updates."
  2. I created an Evernote shopping list on my Mac, went to the store with my Droid, and bought all the items on my list. Then when I tried to edit my note on my Droid phone, all the lines got double linefeeds or carriage returns or something. Like this: Grocery store bacon eggs apples ...became... Grocery store bacon eggs apples When I went back to Evernote on my Mac, all the extra lines were still there. What's going on?
  3. All sorts of problems on my Motorola Droid (Android 2.0): Text notes: my virtual on-screen keyboard froze up trying to enter a text note. (Hard keyboard seems to work okay.) Snapshot: the app switches the phone to camera mode with a camera icon in upper left corner. Pressing the icon or pressing the shutter release button on the phone causes the screen to freeze as if a picture has been taken, but then I can't seem to do anything after that. Pressing the icon or the hard button don't seem to do anything. No menu pops up to "send" when I press the menu softkey. Only way out seems to be to press the "back" softkey. Audio note: uploads, but plays back at really slow speed. Maybe even slower than 1/2 speed?
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