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Penultimate Zoom Feature



In the new release of the Penultimate app, the zoom feature has changes drastically. It seems they are going to more of a feature like Goodnotes (and other apps).


I am a mathematician and handwrite my notes in Penultimate. The new zoom seems to be too small of a writing area for me (perhaps two lines only) and it is stationed at the bottom of the page.


I write a lot of equations that take up several lines and would like to be able to edit many lines without moving the zoom box manually each time. It seems really unnatural to have to move that little zoom box. Since I write symbols like integrals and summations, the drift feature does not really work because I am wanting to write many things around a particular symbol but the drift feature keeps moving along the page.


I loved the zoom feature in the previous version of Penultimate and would love to have access to it again.

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Thanks. We will looking into a resizable zoom box. 

Hello Josh,


As so many of us have commented, the zoom in v5 set penultimate apart from the other handwriting apps. It was what made me ditch a great "Noteshelf", as penultimate created a more natural writing experience. Please seriously consider putting the old zoom back and don't convert penultimate in just a late-comer to the "zoom-in-a-box" players.


Fortunately, I switched back to penultimate 5, but for the time I suffered 6.0, my feeling is that you actually want us to write without zoom, and zoom is the exception to the experience:

  • The box is for little details as you show in your screen captures, and you didn't even care to implement any of the good ideas of v5 zoom, like drift.
  • Landscape now is useful to see the width of the page bigger, as pages themselves are always in portrait.

But on the other hand, why haven't you designed any pages for the new paradigm? I'm thinking for example about music sheets  or storyboard pages, that now don't work right. It's probably not a huge deal, but just a hint that this version is not fully thought out. Same thing with the lack of help, or old explanations in several pages of evernote.com.


And why on earth the recognition is worse? I use the typical rubber tip pen, which works great in v5, but terribly in v6. What happened to the engine?


I'm writing this because for now I'll stay with v5 and I really like it. Please consider seriously all the effort hundreds of your customers are putting into telling you what they like and what they don't about penultimate. The moment you stop receiving this complaints, it might be because we just gave up on putting money on you.

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This app, pre-update, was easily the best note taking app available. Today's (11/13/14) update took away Penultimate's best features, being able to zoom in anywhere on the page and write at your own pace. You're now forced to write in a specified area of the app when zooming in regardless of you're writing style and forced to write at a set speed. The app pre-update allowed the user to customize everything from where they wanted to position the zoomed in feature and at what speed they wanted to write. The app would even stop scrolling when lifting your stylus. Evernote/Penultimate, please correct these two items.

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