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  1. I actually did not know this feature was available in the previous version. I was wanting something like that but couldn't find anything that would do it. I second this request! I will be teaching a large lecture next semester and we must use projection equipment (usually doc cams). If this feature were available, I would be able to just use my iPad which would be really good!
  2. Thanks for your feedback. Our next release will have a sizable zoom box which I hope will help with your equations on multiple lines. We're working to submit a release to the App Store as soon as possible. We'll update this thread once we've done so. Thanks. It is important for me to be able to navigate within the writing area at the bottom when using the zoom feature, too. I don't want to have to go back and move the zoom box I should be able to scroll both vertically and horizontally with two fingers right in the writing area. This is a feature that is of the utmost importance to me to be able to write notes efficiently. I've passed the info along to other designers too but wanted to let you know as well.
  3. Some of the designers have reached out to folks for feedback. I'm just as frustrated with the update, but I do think they are working hard to implement changes. I'm glad to see them actually asking for input. I think the best thing right now would be to continue reporting any bugs you find and any changes you would like implemented.
  4. We also need the option to rearrange pages or add remove pages to/from the middle of a note(book). Furthermore, we should be able to have pages within one note(book) with different paper types. For instance, I may want one page with lines and the next with graph paper. As far as I can tell, this is not currently supported in v6 (it was in the previous version).
  5. We should be able to navigate from the zoom box too. For instance, if we use two fingers to swipe left or right in the zoom box at the bottom that we write in, the zoom area should move left/right (similar to the zoom in previous version). We need the same with up and down moving of the zoom box. Since I write a lot of equations on multiple lines, this is essential for me. (The drift feature doesn't cut it (even if it did work properly) because I often have text around symbols and need to move my writing area manually.) Can we get a timeframe for when we can expect changes? The app is currently not in a usable state; it would be nice to know when it might be again.
  6. Coming weeks and months?!? That is completely unacceptable. Give us a usable version while you make this one something efficient.
  7. I have 4 notebooks that I use on a daily basis with 180+ pages in each of them. Trying to maneuver them is a pain! It is so inefficient.
  8. Shouldn't the user determine how their notes should be organized? Is Evernote now some ubiquitous being that knows better than everyone else? You do not show me how writing on an iPad should be. I've seen it. It was in the last version. This version is not it. Writing on the iPad should be efficient and intuitive. It should not require you to waste time scrolling through an entire note to find a certain page. It should not limit your ability to rearrange pages and insert and delete pages in the middle of a document. It should not require you to have to be troubled by a small zoom box that you must manually move. It should not be a hindrance to your workflow. However, all of these characteristics are present in the latest release. If this is how you think writing should be, perhaps your expertise is not what I thought.
  9. There is certainly a need to be able to efficiently use the app, though. This new continuous scroll is not working efficiently for large notebooks.
  10. In the new update of Penultimate, I cannot seem to find how to use my custom paper. Is there a way to do this? It also seems that you can no longer change the paper type of one of the pages. If you want a different paper type, you must change all pages in the document. Is this correct?
  11. I really like the folders feature that is now available in the Penultimate app. However, when I open a folder, I see my notes, but there are no titles for those notes like there used to be. I would really like to be able to see the titles of the note listed below (or above) them to make it easier to find the note I am wanting to see.
  12. In the new update of Penultimate, the pages are continuous instead of clicking to flip pages, you just scroll down to access new pages. I do like this, but I don't see the feature to see all the pages and select the one you want to go to. For instance, I date my notes in a notebook and I may want to go to a date in the middle. I do not want to have to scroll through all the pages to get there. Is there a way to see all the pages and select the one you want to see? This feature was available in the previous version of the app.
  13. In the new release of the Penultimate app, the zoom feature has changes drastically. It seems they are going to more of a feature like Goodnotes (and other apps). I am a mathematician and handwrite my notes in Penultimate. The new zoom seems to be too small of a writing area for me (perhaps two lines only) and it is stationed at the bottom of the page. I write a lot of equations that take up several lines and would like to be able to edit many lines without moving the zoom box manually each time. It seems really unnatural to have to move that little zoom box. Since I write symbols like integrals and summations, the drift feature does not really work because I am wanting to write many things around a particular symbol but the drift feature keeps moving along the page. I loved the zoom feature in the previous version of Penultimate and would love to have access to it again.
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