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  1. how about release an universal version?
  2. see no reason why page panel cannot be widen for easer/faster page management. at least to 4 pages across in portrait; 5 across in landscape
  3. Pros: can highlight CONS: select highlight; try moving it -- DUH
  4. Please [add back]... to Settings - Toolbar at top/bottom; if at bottom, then page # at top (like in v5) Also, - Toggle to hide/display so-called pop-up Tips = very annoying (to me, at least)
  5. Please add back. A must-have. + all the other 'Share' options. Still can't believe that Evernote's Penultimate team chose Form forsaking 70% of the Function goodness of v5.
  6. PROS: resizable zoomed writing area CONS: see notes in image; shouldn't need to use 2-fingers to zoom in; still not handicapped-friendly.
  7. PROS: - Page break indicator - Page number CONS: - still no on-page NAVIGATION arrows- a must for any DISABILITY COMPLIANT app [shouldn't have to resort to Note Tray]
  8. Pros: re-implemented; GUI comment: could/should be less wide. Cons: 1. Where is Hold & Drag to rearrange - a must 2. Where is Duplicate? 3. Where is Move to...?
  9. Your UI designers absolutely totally ignored basic needs of physically challenged persons who absolutely need the v5 navigational tools. Many (with whom I work/help) can only use "1 point of touch" by using a stylus can no longer navigate an app which requires 2-fingers to scroll. Advise: fix immediately by releasing v5 again until you can fix ALL the v6 problems unless you just don't care about a continual exodus of long-term loyal users who are just shocked at this v6 fiasco. Just MHO!
  10. For users of previous versions who opted to keep toolbar at bottom, v6 toolbar's top-only position (even when collapsed) obscures content. Add back in Settings > oolbar position so users can choose their own preference. ------- ALSO.... Since flipping/flicking forward/backward is more natural than down/up, if don't want to forego the continuous scrolling in v6, let users choose their own preference of scrolling horiz vs vertical.
  11. Can no longer Paste (when clipboard content is copied from outside of Penultimate) in v6 - a must for me. v6 obviously not quite ready for general release. Please re-integrate all the good/working parts from v5. Seems that on this dev cycle, Form overrode Function & has basically released a version that has rendered Penultimate useless as a go-to app for daily noting.
  12. Aside from renaming a note in v6's Info box, please (add back from older versions) the ability to reassign the notebook and add tags. Rename in v6: press & hold on note thumbnail, slide to i
  13. Please reinstate handles to resize images (& remove the minimum size limitation of v5). Also, options to add to selected image's context menu: + copy + cut
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