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So EN for Mac support inline pages now?



I surprisingly found out today that all of a sudden EN can display inline Pages file, it's crazy.


Not like before if you drag a pages file into the note you'll get a zip file attachment, now it seems if you use the newest version of Pages — the old version files still attach as .zip I tried — it will show as inline in the note like the PDF file, and you can double-click to open it with Pages to for update editing.


But if you want to read it as an inline PDF, there's a problem, what's with all the blur ? Are you guys fixing it?




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I don't know if it's a "bug." The new version of Pages has a different file format than the old one did. Its highly likely that Evernote is just displaying the document preview (which is low-resolution), and they did nothing to support this. The behavior has changed with the update to Pages.


So my guess is that it's neither a bug nor an unfinished feature: It's a side effect.

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Regardless of what you call it, you have a better chance of getting it fixed if you submit a support ticket.

IMO, calling it a bug on the ticket is a way of getting attention to the issue, as opposed to just one more user complaint.

But it's your ticket.  Call it what you want.

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