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  1. Well, if you click the "Notes" item in the sidebar it will show all notes in a single click. It's just a bit to the left of where you're clicking ;-)
  2. No. It is in ~/Library/Containers. This is mandated by Apple for anything available from the Mac App Store. Evernote probably moved the non-app-store version there as well to make it easier for people who migrate between the App Store and direct download versions. And no, letting you put it where you want on the Mac doesn't really make sense; Apple dictates a lot of this as a "best practice."
  3. Given that OS X now has a supported API for extensions, my bet is that this eventually show up and be OS X Yosemite and later only. At least, that is the ONLY supportable way to deliver this feature, and hacking into Mail using unsupported APIs now that there's an "official" way to do it would seem to be a very bad idea.
  4. Are you trying to download via iTunes or from an iOS 6 device? I don't think downloading via iTunes will work, but if you hit the store from an iOS 6 device you should be offered a version that runs on iOS 6. That's how the app store should work.
  5. "Comparing free software to crash testing a car? Seriously? (BTW, you are not paying for the clients...you're paying for the service.) If you don't want to help with the software (which is certainly your choice) or submit support tickets & activity logs, then you don't have a lot of room to complain, IMO. There are so many scenarios to cover when you have 60+ million users. There really is no way EN can cover them all without help from users.' This is a bit ridiculous; this is the iOS forum. iOS beta testing is EXTREMELY limited due to the limits Apple imposes on devices that can be enrolled for ad-hoc deployment of devices. People *can* beta-test Evernote on OS X and Windows. So there could be *some* merit to this (though, to be fair, doing a GOOD job of beta testing which includes writing GOOD bug reports and some knowledge of things is NOT for everybody). But for iOS, the beta pool is small (it's probably no more than 50 people total, which is like 0.0001% of all Evernote users). So taking high-horse position on this one is totally unwarranted. Evernote was in a bit of a tough position here: iOS 7 was available as a beta for 3 months and I'm sure the first betas had a number of API bugs (that's part of the purpose of the betas). They were also mentioned in the iPhone 5s/5c keynote as a "greatly improved for iOS 7" app, and were featured and I'm sure had to ship on day 1. That was a LOT of work, for an application that does a LOT of stuff. And they pretty much HAD to meet the ship date, meaning there were ABSOLUTELY going to be bugs (ALL software save TeX has bugs... ALL OF IT, it's just a question of how noticeable they are). I've found it through version 7.0.3 to be generally tolerable, though there are UI lags and things that annoy me. Evernote is shipping fast and furious which has its good and bad facets. They can't do this and be TOTALLY bug free, but for me as long as they don't lose my data I'm not that bothered. Data loss bugs, however, I would be VERY critical about (though I'd do it through support as I would expect them to assist me to help recover my data).
  6. I do read the news, I just don't always believe it, since most "news" today is either entertainment or marketing of some type. IAC, it looks l like Apple has offered a good solution that allows the developer to offer multiple versions based on the iOS version: Apple Begins Offering 'Last Compatible' Version of Apps for Users Running Legacy Versions of iOS BTW, I don't know the stats for iOS, but Windows XP was still in use by the majority of Windows users until just a few months ago. So clearly a lot of users don't automatically upgrade when a new OS is released. Personally, I skipped the disaster called "Vista" and waited for Win7. Now I've upgraded to an even better OS, Mac OS X. Well, true on Windows XP, but keep in mind that just before iOS 7 was released, about 95% of ALL iOS users were on iOS 6. And about 4% were on iOS 5, and then 1% were on older iOS versions. iOS is pretty "legacy free" in that there aren't things like kernel extensions, or most of the compatibility issues that plague Windows (and, to a lesser extent, OS X). The Apple ecosystem (and iOS in particular) moves very fast. And developers come along for the ride. It means that developers can write much BETTER apps, because they don't have to think about how to support an OS version that's TWELVE YEARS OLD in the same app as they can work with the latest and greatest. There are some downsides in terms of forcing users to keep current, but compared to the alternative (twelve. years. old.) they're worth it. I think if you download the latest version of Evernote for iOS and it can't run on your device, iTunes won't sync it, right? If you need the older version you should be able to go grab it from the device itself via the App Store. And if for some reason that doesn't work, you can just go grab the old .ipa file from your Time Machine backup (you have a backup, right? right?!) and restore it and sync it through iTunes
  7. This makes it all the MORE IMPORTANT that Evernote (and all developers) CLEARLY identify that the NEW version works ONLY with iOS7. You said "Given that more than 60% of all iOS users are now on iOS 7, that sorta speaks to the folks still on iOS 6 being tech "laggards;"". I could not disagree more. First of all, how do you really know that "60%" have upgraded to iOS7???? Second, many of us, or at least me, WAIT for a while (> 2 weeks) AFTER an upgrade is released BEFORE applying the upgrade. I don't call this "laggard". I call this "wise", based on how often the updates of ALL software have significant, and even MAJOR BUGS. Unless an upgrade/update fixes a MAJOR bug that you personally are experiencing, then the wise course of action, IMO, is to wait a while. You apparently don't read the news ;-) Just Google it; there are many analytics companies that are noting it's something like 60% already. Uptake has been very quick. Here's one: http://www.tuaw.com/2013/09/27/fiksu-ios-7-adoption-rate-at-58-percent-after-one-week/ It's OK if you want to wait. You'll have the opportunity to wait and continue using the older version of Evernote (and in fact, many apps) during that time period as well. Again there is a TON of additional work necessary to continue supporting iOS 6 in apps that leverage the new features and APIs in iOS 7. Too much work, IMO, to do it just to serve folks who want to wait a few weeks to upgrade. No sense spending multiple engineering years of work for people who are conservative, given they'll upgrade once they see there aren't sharks in the water.
  8. You can hide the list of notes by clicking the little double-ended arrow in the upper left corner of the note itself.
  9. Agreed. It is not really a big deal, no harm was done. Mostly, I'm disappointed that I can't use EN mobile. Hard to imagine cutting off all older OS's the instant iOS 7 came out. It's not really, though. It's REALLY difficult to support iOS 7 and iOS 6 in the same app. It is a LOT of extra work. Given that more than 60% of all iOS users are now on iOS 7, that sorta speaks to the folks still on iOS 6 being tech "laggards;" they may want to still be on the older version of Evernote, too.
  10. Advertisers would counter that we'll pay $40, $80, $100 per month on cable, and yet almost 1/3 of each hour are ads. Your tax dollars paid for the road you drive on, yet it still has billboards. You paid to ride on the bus or in the taxi, yet both subject you to ads, inside and outside the vehicle. You bought the magazine or newspaper yet it's substantially filled with ad content. Seriously? LOL. Naw, if I can't turn these in-app adds off on something I paid for, I'll stop using Evernote. I don't use adware for software, period.
  11. There is no official plug-in API for Apple's Mail application. Any integration would have to be via means of unsupported APIs; I could see this being an issue for an application that was sold or offered via the Mac App Store.
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