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  1. aha, I've found some more similar complaints. One of them even used the same example as I did. Looks like people complaint about this each year since 2011: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15173-shouldnt-selecting-a-parent-tag-search-child-tags/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23514-organizing-tags-subtags-parent-tags-and-child-tags/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50676-feature-suggestion-option-for-nested-tags-to-filter-by-parent-tag/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/69028-how-to-make-nested-tags-show-their-parent-tag/ And every time the official answers is: "not every one want this". I was wondering what it based on. So how about taking a vote? Or just add an option in preferences so everyone could be happy.
  2. I've been using EN for awhile and there are two designs which I think doesn't make sense at all despite its other advantages. FIRST is the tag system. When searching a tag with its children tags, it shows only the notes with the tag been searched instead of all notes tagged with it and its all children tags. Let me say more about why it's wrong. Tags have two features: 1. Different from the notebook system, a note can be assigned multiple tags. 2. Tags can be organized as an hierarchy. This means tags can be used as a referring to the concepts of real world (as concepts are structured as hierarchy too). For example: PhotographLandscapePortraitB&WThen when we use it to organize photos, we can tag those general photos with 'photograph' and those more specific with 'Landscape', 'Portrait', etc. It's very natural. If we want to view all photos, it's also natural to search tag 'Photograph' or click it at the tag list. But here comes the problem, EN shows only the notes tagged with 'Photograph'. Now if I want to view all photos, I'll have to search all the tags under Photograph which is really stupid. Or in order to do so, I'll have to tag all photos with 'Photograph' then tag some again with 'Landscape' etc. So it gets more stupid when a photo is tagged with two tags both indicate it's a photo. SECOND is the 'select to start editing' setting. I think for most of us, it is only when we create a new note that we actually need to edit the note instantly. In other conditions, which happens more often, we just need to take a quick look at the note or to copy something from it. So it's very weird every time when I select a note in order to view it then it enters 'editing mode' with the cursor blinks. Sometimes it even highlights the title of the note in which case if I press any key on the keyboard by mistake the title would be gone. It's not friendly at all. And it may happen more often when copying something from it (with large paragraph of text selected as highlighted). So the way I see it, either should the note be added with a 'start to edit' button or should it be added with a 'lock/unlock' button to prevent changes by mistake. In a word, we need a 'view only mode' which is only one click away from editing. This 'one click' is not such a burden for editing (I think) and could make our notes way more secure. I've been using Devonthink at the same time who has the 'lock/unlock' button which is really handy. But sadly it organizes tags the same way as EN does which makes me confused big time. What do you think, guys?
  3. +1 Seems the new Evernote for Mac changed the way it parse the ENML. Despite all the CSS styles added by whatever Markdown Editor it is, Evernote will override the display according to the ENML tag.
  4. First I'm a huge fan of the new look. I just want to tell you your picture sucks man. Here's a more powerful my-eye theme picture, comes from China.
  5. I've updated Evernote for Mac and got the new Yosemite-style look, and I like it. It's simple and elegant. And yes it seems too bright and weird but it's just because you are too used to the old darker style. So do you guys remember when first seeing iOS 7 or Yosemite what were you thinking? I was thinking hell no I'll never update to this. But finally I updated and after using it for awhile I got used to it and really like it a lot. And then when I look back at the old style I found out I really couldn't go back. The point is, we should trust Apple's aesthetic and accept the revolution. Changing maybe painful, but the outcome could be good. And I think the Evernote design team used the Yosemite blur well and carefully, at least I haven't found any readability problem yet. The note list is lowly transparent and the note is solid white which is exactly the typical Yosemite design. Great job. The new penultimate is a disaster I agree, but not about the appearance, it's about the new user interface design. So as for the new EN on Mac, maybe you should just be a littler more patient and used it for one more day before complaint, see what happens.
  6. I'm not sure if it's a bug or an unfinished feature.
  7. I didn't encounter the notes missing but had a problem with the support team too. I've had other problems then sent mail to support but got reply after a whole week which didn't solve my problem. I'm a Premium user and they guarantee to reply in 1 work day. I don't know what's wrong with their support system. And now my problem goes to the "tech team" or so that there is no predictable time for the reply. Don't know what to say.
  8. I surprisingly found out today that all of a sudden EN can display inline Pages file, it's crazy. Not like before if you drag a pages file into the note you'll get a zip file attachment, now it seems if you use the newest version of Pages — the old version files still attach as .zip I tried — it will show as inline in the note like the PDF file, and you can double-click to open it with Pages to for update editing. But if you want to read it as an inline PDF, there's a problem, what's with all the blur ? Are you guys fixing it?
  9. It seems that we can copy text from the new feature — context and generate a formatted citation which is elegant. But sometimes we need to create a citation copying from somewhere else. So is it possible that we can create this citation manually and generate the citation format as well?
  10. This picture comes from one of the official blogs: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/10/02/context-work-enriched-smartest-minds/ I've updated to the newest 5.7 version and just checked out the new features (context and workchat) which is great. But I found out that the appearance didn't change much. I mean, this new look in the picture is beautiful but why haven't we get it and when are we gonna get it?
  11. Hi Gock, Nice job with the app. But it seems that the notes which was created in Marxico and then synced to Evernote cannot sync the editing in Evernote back to Marxico. For example, I created a note in Marxico and then synced it to Evetnote. Then I needed to add something to that note, so I did it in Evernote. But when I open this note again in Aarxico, the 'something' that I have added wasn't there. And when I synced the note from Marxico to Evernote, I got a conflict error.
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