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  1. +1 Seems the new Evernote for Mac changed the way it parse the ENML. Despite all the CSS styles added by whatever Markdown Editor it is, Evernote will override the display according to the ENML tag.
  2. Hi Gock, Nice job with the app. But it seems that the notes which was created in Marxico and then synced to Evernote cannot sync the editing in Evernote back to Marxico. For example, I created a note in Marxico and then synced it to Evetnote. Then I needed to add something to that note, so I did it in Evernote. But when I open this note again in Aarxico, the 'something' that I have added wasn't there. And when I synced the note from Marxico to Evernote, I got a conflict error.
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