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I would like to be able to have students use my iPad to contribute to a lesson with EverNote and a projector. To do this I need to be able password protect some notes or notebooks as they might have tests etc I don't want students to see.

It is possible to do this with Microsoft's OneNote.

Is there some way to do this with EverNote?

I want to password protect notes and notebooks.

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Letting students share your iPad that contains test information? 

Dangerous, very dangerous.


Remember how the IT professionals in California had to eat crow recently



Answer to your specific question: Evernote does not password protect notebooks.

The best you can do is encrypt the contents of an individual note.


If you must share you iPad with students, at least put the test information into a non-sync'd Evernote notebook that is only accessible from your desktop computer But if I were a teacher, I would never share my iPad with students.

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There are many times when a tablet would be used ina class and shared .. Recording experimental results, presenting to the class. It would be useful to be able to have the next step in a discussion or activity hidden until needed for example. Tests were just an example of something to keep hidden.

In modern classrooms with tech savvy teachers are using shared tablets all the time! So I am not just talking about my iPad, but all the trolley full if iPads and other tablets that are used in modern classrooms. One student for example may input their answers to a task and then pass the tablet on to another. Theses notes could be more useful if easily hidden by a password.

If EverNote can't geta password organised, then OneNote is what will be used in schools. With OneNote, notes can be password protected easily..

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When I share iOS devices (never my own, but ones I have purchased or borrowed for the classroom), I have the Evernote account logged into a separate account. I share notebooks with that account as needed, so the students can view, but cannot change the data, and they cannot access other data in my account. It is a simple solution.

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