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Never ending update from Mac app store



I am running Evernote (Mac App Store version) on a recent vintage iMac using Yosemite. The app store keeps on telling me to update. If I click on update, it installs the latest version, and then tells me to update to the same version again.


Following advice from a previous post, I uninstalled the App Store version using AppZapper and then looking for every instance of "Evernote" on my Mac and sending those to the trash (and emptying it). I rebooted into single use mode, did an fsck -fy and then looked at the App Store and it was still telling me I needed to update. There was remnant of Evernote on the system, so I don't know where the App Store is looking to find traces of Evernote.


I tried installing Evernote from a .DMG file from the web site. It installed properly but the App store is still insisting that I update.


I guess the question is this: Where does the app store gets its information about the installed apps and how do I get rid of this problem.


FWIW, Evernote is the only app that this happens to.

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The app store will search all mounted volumes for applications, so if you have any other partitions that have an out of date version of Evernote installed, the App Store will detect it and report an update as necessary. The simplest solution is to unmount any other OS partitions that you might have. 


If you don't have any other partitions, I'm not sure why this is happening. I might suggest posting in the Apple Support Communities, since while this is only happening with Evernote, it may not actually be an Evernote-specific problem. Someone over there might have some insight. 

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