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(Archived) Feature request : display notebooks list


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Maybe this has been asked before, or I just missed it.. I don't know.. anyway.

I can only find my notes through 2 methods :

- searching

- display recent notes

My Evernote is organized through ~25 notebooks. I'd like to be able to just display notes inside a specific notebook.

Correct me if I'm wrong but currently the only way to achieve this is by doing this kind of cryptic search : "notebook:android" which would display all notes inside the "android" notebook.

A button "Display notebooks" would be great. I tend to have super long notebook names and I don't want to search with something like "notebook:notebook with super long name that takes 2 minutes to type".

Thanks !

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As the number of notes grow, it would be easier to restrict their scope with notebooks instead of having the full list as the only option.

As a service that aims to keep your data organized, this an essetnial feature that's missing in an otherwise great service/software.

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+3 votes (my 2 coworkers and I)

We started small using this for off hand notes, ended up loving it and within 3 weeks we have over 7 notebooks with 10+ notes each. It makes it hard when on my desktop I see "Project 1 notebook: task1 note", but in my droid mobile all i see are "task 1, 2... so on so on" and cant tell without opening them.

I've gotten creative with labeling files but I would prefer notebook view.


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In the early versions of the iPhone app, I was able to sort notes by notebook. A few updates back, that functionality went away.

I got rid of the iPhone in favor of a Droid recently and see the same issue exists here as well. I would give ANYTHING to be able to sort by notebook again on my phone - it makes locating and perusing my notes, based upon subject, much easier. While I certainly use the tag feature, sometimes I just want to look at all notes under a particular topic.

PLEASE bring back this functionality!!!!

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