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  1. The yellow button is a horrible distraction! This would be a good reason for me to never upgrade PLUS to PREMIUM. Why are you doing this Evernote, come on! I hope you don't mind me using a little highlight to make a point ?
  2. For those that might still not be able to share a notebook publicly, make sure that you choose "Publish" instead of "Share" when right-clicking on a notebook. When you go through "Publish" it does not ask you about the emails of the people to share it with. Thanks Evernote for not removing this feature. It's a convenient alternative to an online blogging service.
  3. Why is it a shame? While in Evernote, links are evernote:// and they open internally. While outside, the links are https://, so they should take you to the browser. Do you mean that the browser automatically redirects you to the Evernote app and you have no control over that?
  4. Solution: In the context menu for a note hold down Option. "Copy Note Link" becomes "Copy Classic Note Link" which creates the evernote:// URL.
  5. The "Copy Note Link" function used to create URLs like: evernote:///view/1584467/s14/39dd7103-395c-44e6-bba5-1e78284983b9/39dd7103-395c-44e6-bba5-1e78284983b9/ As a result, clicking on a link in the Mac app would open the note in the Mac app. However, in the latest version (5.5.1), "Copy Note Link" creates http URLs like: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s14/nl/1584467/cadb1003-c33b-4b06-9ed5-609aa9ce406b/ and now clicking on the link in the Mac app briefly opens the browser and then opens the note in a new Evernote window. That's a major step back in terms of UX. With the current version, how can we navigate through note links and stay in the Mac app (as it was the case before with evernote:// URLs)? Either: It should be possible to generate internal evernote:// URLs orThe Mac app should be smart enough to translate https:// note URLs into internal links
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