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Subtasks and Reminders


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Feature: I'd like the ability to add multiple reminders within a single note, i.e. have a task, and then subtasks.


Example: Let's say I need to clean my room. I'd like to be able to have a note for the task "Clean my Room", and then have SUBTASKS within that note attached to the checkboxes (such as sweep, vacuum, etc.) This would be SUPER convenient and would reduce clutter...


Why: Applications which add subtasks have been very helpful for me when planning extensive projects (and I'm a bit disorganized so I need a bit of help with reminders). I really like a lot of Evernote's features but the lack of subtasks sort of ruins the app for me as far as it helps my productivity...

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Keep in mind though that you can only have one Reminder per note. So yes Checkbox lists are great, but if your wanting a Reminder to go off for each item on said list, it won't work.

I keep these kind of lists "open" (so to speak) until each item is checked off, the remove the Reminder and move it to an notebook I call Archive. I also add a "Completed date & time to each item" if it takes more than a day or two to finish everything on it.

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