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  1. Hi there, I have been through my fair share of task managers (including TSW) over the years and have settled on using doit.im for a while. I use Evernote heavily as a premium user, and pretty much all of my "life's work" is housed there..subsequently I sometimes feel that my tasks are isolated sitting outside of my main ecosystem and am really interested in bringing them into evernote in 2015 through the setup of a simple, usable system. I am keen to get some ideas as to how others are using EN for task management - personally I have not taken to large use of tags as of yet, and tend to use notebooks for filing of notes. I have tried previously in having a "Tasks" stack with notebooks 1. Now 2. Next 3. Someday 4. Waiting 5. Recurring and then tags for context...Most of my tasks are not assigned deadline dates, I purely move them around the now - next - someday areas to manage priority.. This has worked, but can get confusing and overwhelming (especially when it comes to management on mobile) and I always tend to convince myself and I see many many others saying EN just is not a replacement for a task manager...then I switch to a dedicated TM I like the reminders feature, however ticking off tasks keeps them in the notebook, and its difficult to see which notes have reminders and which don't - this adds complexity which puts me off. Evernote seems to be evolving in a big way - their web version and mac client specifically for me and there could be some new ways you guys have found to crack task management on EN... Any interesting links or input as to how you successfully use EN for tasks please could you drop them here as we approach 2015 which will surely bring plenty of action that needs to be managed accordingly!
  2. Evernote gets a bad rap when it comes to task management, I do not think its justified - personally I love it for managing tasks, and it delivers according to my needs. I have tried many dedicated task managers, but have come back to Evernote for the following reasons: - I use evernote for everything in business, from meeting notes to contacts to starred emails in gmail to business ideas, to product details, I like to keep things simple and usable and Evernote delivers for me on task management too- I use their reminders feature in a "2do" stack where I break down business & personal 2do's - it works very well, sorry for those who think otherwise.. Other reasons it works for me: - meeting notes can make reminders if contain actionable items quickly and easily - I really enjoy working within evernote - syncs very well (after learning the hard way with Wunderlist which lost all my subtasks a while back ) - one place not switching between systems - one system on Evernote makes everything a lot more visible - presentation mode is awesome
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