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Sudden data usage. What happened?

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Hi guys, just wondering if this has happened to anyone, and if there is a way to fix it. I am a free user, since like 11 days ago. Yesterday, my data usage was 4 mb. Today I logged in and says I have used 27 mb. I am aware that every single edit in a note, will count the whole data of the note again for the montly usage. But the heaviest note I have is about 500 kb and theres is no way I edited that note more than 3 times.  Please help? What happened? :(

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Have you looked at your notes by Updated date - were there lots of changes?  Or how about the Trash notebook - are there lots of notes there that might need reinstating?  Or if you go online and look at your My Account page,  what applications have access to your account?  And what does the online page say is your upload status?  More or less than your local device.  And what OS do you use,  with which version of Evernote?

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Hi Gazumped, thanks for replying. I looked at all my notes by updated date, there weren't a lot of changes. However, I have one note in which I included images that I copy/pasted from a web forum. They are like 8 photos, could those be heavy enough to get me to 27 mb?. Besides, I am new to Evernote (already love it), so I have another note which I created from a web article capture, from the Evernote Web Clipper; I captured it to learn how to use the web article capturing thing lol  :D . So, is there any way to know the "weight" of a note? I could check the data usage from those two notes I told you. The one with the photos, and the one from the web capture.
The only service that can access my Evernote is IFTTT, but now its off cause I erased all my recipes.

I am using Evernote on windows 8, and using Evernote 5.6.4. Thanks!

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@dantinap:  If you view your Notes in LIST view, you can see the size of each Note in the "Size" column.

Maybe that will help you understand what is going on.

Woah, thanks for the tip, didn't know you could do that. Just found this note sizing 14.5 mb LOL. :rolleyes: 

I'll be careful with the pics from now on. Thanks man!!!

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