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  1. This happened to some gifs of mine a long time ago. A note with about 40 gifs of low quality. Suddenly, 5 of them that were consecutive were suddenly gone, leaving this symbol of doom behind. The symbols remained there for like 6 months, until I got tired and erased those symbols just like if they were letters, using the delete key. Do you mean that if this happens again, we should leave the broken images as evidence, and immediately raise a bug report? I will just do that, but I'm not sure if that is what you think we should do. Greets!
  2. Cmon evernote employee, I know you have read this post, I see you This would be a really nice feature
  3. Wow, sorry to hear that. I make weekly backups, or after important changes. I export all notes in an .enex files, but you are right, not a single file should be missed, you can't trust Evernote that way.
  4. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. Unfortunately, I never found the solution to this problem, mainly because I stopped looking for it. The "bug" only happened twice, the second time being the cause of the first post of this topic. I hope someone eventually finds a way to prevent this. Good luck!
  5. Hey guys, was just wondering. What does the Full Page capture option do? Does it capture only the whole current view of the Web Page? Or does it capture every article, picture, text, link that the whole website has? Thanks for the reply!
  6. Sure, I'll tell in here how it went!
  7. Hey! Im using windows 10 but htis happened since windows 7, on Evernote Desktop (i don't use the Web version). I'm sure this has happened with local files and Google Images, that were Copied and Pasted into a note. This doesn't happen with all of them though, I can't seem to grasp a constant in this problem. Perhaps i should add them using the Attach File button on the Note Menu instead of copy pasting? =S They have crashed on my phone too, despite being in an Offline Notebook. Will try getting Support for the first time hehe. Im not so sure but I kind of recall deep in my subconscious that one time they actually cameback somehow. Edit: sometimes, only some of the images of a Note crash, despite being added at the same day, in the same way, with the same format. Kind of weird =S
  8. Hey guys, this has happened occasionally, but sometimes copied and pasted images (jpg, png, gif) are gone with complete ramdomness. Sometimes out of x images on a note, some go and some stay, and the gone leave this icon behind: Any idea how to prevent this? This has happened since in many versions of Evernote Premium, I'm on 5.9.1. Thanks for the help!
  9. Make sure it only happens on Evernote, which is very likely. You said you reinstalled the version, and the glitch is still there, so is probably a version bug. Make a backup for all your notes on File:Export:like .enex and save it in a USB Now you could do two things: You could try uninstalling Evernote again, then downloading a previous version of Mac Evernote in here, (http://evernote.en.uptodown.com/mac/old) and it should work like your previous version did. After installing the version you downloaded, just Import the notes from the back up you made, and then wait for the next Evernote Upgrade to come. If this doesn't work, you could try to do a system backup to a state previous to your Downloading of the Evernote Version that had the glitch. Restore the system, then Import the backup, and wait for the next upgrade. You should contact Evernote for help if you are a Premium or Business user, in the menu Help: Customer Service and send them an email If you are not. and none of the above work, tell me and I'll ask them for you
  10. Do yo have this version? Evernote for Mac
  11. Thanks to everyone. I finally found the "offline notebook" option, currently downloading the ones I selected. Thanks again
  12. I am using Android 4.2 version on Samsung phone. When I click on settings, there is no Premium option to continue. In Account information, it says I am a premium user.
  13. Hey JMichael, thanks for replying. Yeah I know I didnt explain it very clearly I am a premium user. The problem is that even when I sinchronize my Evernote mobile, and then try to read the recently created notes while in offline mode, I can't. It says "You don't have internet connection". The only way I can see my new notes in offline mode, is by opening them 1 by 1 for the first time while using internet connection. If I do that. I can return anytime on offline mode and the note will be available to work on. I don't want that each time I create new content in Evernote Desktop, I have to search and open each new note on the Cellphone, so I can view them on Offline Mode. Is this the way this normally works?
  14. Hi guys, just wondering if this has happened to any of you. Thanks for your time. If I create a new note on the desktop Evernote for Windows, and then I use Evernote for mobile without internet connection, the new notes created are there, but only on title, cause when you click on one, it says "you are not logged in to the net". This happens even when I sync the mobile Evernote, when Im at my house wi-fi. When I leave the house, even after synchronizing, it says "you are not logged in to the net". The only way I can read the notes is by synchronizing then opening the note while I am connected to internet. If I do that, then I can read the notes in offline mode. Is this normal?
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