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...EN and Sunrise Calendar

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i am setting up GTD in EN.


As a newbbe - i am trying to figure out the best way to track deliverables

i'm a graduate student so i have a number of long-term papers that i am working on

some, i start immediately, others i have enough runway to wait a few weeks before i actually begin the work.


i want to have a calendar that tracks the due date (untimed - so that it just appears on a specific date)

i also want to enter milestone start and end dates to keep me on track - this will enable me to better project manage these "projects".


i use Google calender


i have heard that sunrise calender works with Google and EN

i'm having trouble locating instructions and examples


do you have any suggestions?


also - are there other solutions that are a better fit?


thanks to everyone in the community for your help



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Hi.   i think you'll find that a lot of Evernote peoples either use their own heavily modified GTD systems,  or rely on one of the many apps that link into Evernote - see the App Center (below) for more details.  My experience is that a calendar system needs several measurements of priority.  


There's the Information level,  where I need to know that an exhibition is going to happen in a month or two,  and a conference is taking place early next year.  I have no defined plans to go to either - but if I happen to be in the same city at the same time...


The task level where I need to do things NOW,  soon or maybe,  someday...


..and there's the meetings level,  where I want to (or get drafted to) go to a meeting next week,  so need the location and time,  and some preparation.


I keep some of that information in Sunrise,  some in Ticktick and all the backup documentation in Evernote.  But the most important lesson you should learn is that this is my system - it works really well for me,  but probably not for others..  it's really best to evolve your own system rather than look for best practices that might be way too onerous,  or not exhaustive enough,  for your own situation...

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May be too simplistic, but some students I know enter the items into Google Calendar and color code them based upon the activity type.  That way a month view provides a quick (and sometimes painful :blink:  ) visual representation.  No automatic linkage to EN other than the title of the entry in the calendar.  FWIW.

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