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Renaming Files Already Stored in Evernote

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I recently got a Sky Wifi Smartpen and have been using the LiveScribe Helper to upload my documents to EN. However, I can't name any of the documents. Its very confusing because I have audio from multipule classes and several notebooks on the go. Is there any way I can reorganize my files so that I can rename them for classes? Thanks for your help in advance!

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On 25/07/2017 at 0:32 AM, FAtristain said:

I am trying to "rename" a document in a note in Evernote web and there is no way to rename it.

I don't believe that's possible in Evernote web,  only in the downloaded desktop versions.

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17 hours ago, Raclex said:

You can rename notes in the web client. Navigate to the actual notebook using the sidebar. When you select a note, you should then be able to edit its title shown at the top of the displayed note.

...but renaming a document in a note is not possible.  ;)

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