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Feature request to allow files updated in their original locations to have an update to evernote copy



I use the file attachment feature a lot to keep my essays and notes formatted and accessible across platforms. I realise that in order to do this Evernote has to keep track of the notes and store them somewhere accessible to it but it would be really great if there was the equivalent of the browser post to Evernote button that allowed you to update the files in situ and then notify Evernote that they had been updated.



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Thats very true but I like to have a secure copy of my work that does not depend on the cloud or Evernote but I guess then I can always 'save' and then 'save as' back to the original location but it would be nice not to have to do this manually.

Never mind if Evernote eventually improves its formatting and page margins options I won't need to use a WP to keep my notes formatted.

Don't get me wrong its a good product but more formatting and printing (I KNOW thats sacrilege in IT) features would make it a great one!


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