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  1. its not a mac thing print formatting sucks and really lets down event and it cannot be that difficult for god's sake! I really dont want to store docs and use word just to get decent print formatting. This is a great product but the attitude of the developers means I am looking for another product
  2. They just won't listen - YES word etc are great for what they do WOED PROCESSING! BUT I want to be able to format my notes and print them out in a decent format ALSO I want to be able to create card file printouts that do not waste 2/3rds of the card Please Evernote listen to your users I am looking for a new app if I can find one that prints notes properly
  3. Hi, Yes I am doing just this for an MA. I use Evernote to collect data and to store my notes especially my book notes but I find its txt handling very clunky (no proper tabs etc) so now I keep all my notes in Word and attach the Word file to an Evernote note and always edit from the Evernote copy. I use Zotero for my citations and for my bibliography. I then "share" the Evernote note to generate a url that I paste into the Zotero item notes so that I can get to it either from Zotero or Evernote. Its a public share but only people who have the url can access it. Not ideal as if you ever give up using Evernote I think you would lose the links. You also need to export your Evernote notes to your local machine as they are of course all held on the cloud and attachments are copied not pointed to so your "original" is not updated. Hope this helps
  4. Thanks for this!!! I used to have a blank word doc open and insert a full citation from the word script menu then cut and paste - never thought of this thanks for making y life easier DC
  5. Thats very true but I like to have a secure copy of my work that does not depend on the cloud or Evernote but I guess then I can always 'save' and then 'save as' back to the original location but it would be nice not to have to do this manually. Never mind if Evernote eventually improves its formatting and page margins options I won't need to use a WP to keep my notes formatted. Don't get me wrong its a good product but more formatting and printing (I KNOW thats sacrilege in IT) features would make it a great one!
  6. I use the file attachment feature a lot to keep my essays and notes formatted and accessible across platforms. I realise that in order to do this Evernote has to keep track of the notes and store them somewhere accessible to it but it would be really great if there was the equivalent of the browser post to Evernote button that allowed you to update the files in situ and then notify Evernote that they had been updated.
  7. This is now a year old and Evernote seem to have ignored it completely in all their updates. Its a real pain in the proverbial not being able to set margins and real tabs. It means that you have to always attach documents to notes if you want to be able to print and format properly. Shame its a great product otherwise but see comment on file location.
  8. Just checked Mac version does not seem to have indent outdent - maybe I am missing it
  9. Yes me too - it is annoying that in lists the tab feature moves a number of spaces rather than to a preset tab location making the note messy
  10. Hope so as I print to index cards and the margins mean only 1 or 2 lines per card! Also is there a way to set tabs?
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