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I am quite new to Evernote and just now I got an e-mail that I upgraded to Evernote Premium while I can't remember doing so.

Can you please tell me how to undo this? I'm convinced that for power users the Premium option is valuable but I'm still finding my way around it so premium is not yet on my list.


Thank you!



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It is unlikely you've upgrade to premium without deliberately doing so. First and foremost you need to enter your payment information, not something likely done by accident. 


Rather than trust an email, check to see if you really are now a premium subscriber. In the Evernote application, click on your username in the toolbar and select "account info". It should say you are free or premium, and you should have a quota of 60mb (free) or 1gb (or maybe 4gb; premium). You can also check this on the web at http://www.evernote.com, log in and select "account settings". 


Also from the Account Settings web page, you can check your purchase history (to see what happened, such as how and when you ended up becoming premium, if you actually did), and can prevent your subscription from renewing as well. If you want to cancel your subscription and get a prorated refund (if possible, depending on how you paid.... if you paid), you can contact support (contact info in my signature). 



First step though is to verify that you are actually a premium subscriber. 

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Thank you for this quick reply. I have the impression that I somehow activated a free premium trial without really being aware of it, as I do have 4GB space reported but there is no billing information available in my account. It will expire next year April, so there should not be anything wrong.


Thank you again :-)



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Ok that is still puzzling, because I have not been aware that Evernote has ever offered a trial, or at least not a trial that lasted months. Evernote also doesn't upgrade people against their will (that would be so terrible!) So I am a bit concerned that somehow you have actually upgraded (such as through iTunes or Google Play on your mobile device) and you may still get charged, or renewed. 


Just keep your eye on your credit card statements, and perhaps consider removing the payment information from Evernote, if there is any, to prevent any automatic renewal in April. 


If you see a charge from Evernote in the next week or so, and you do not, in fact, want Premium, get in touch with support. 


One last thought, did you by any chance purchase a product that came with a premium subscription? Some scanners, Mobile Carriers (O2 in the UK) and the Evernote branded Moleskine notebooks, for example, come with codes to become premium members. That's about the only other thing I can think of!


Good luck! And enjoy your mystery (and hopefully free!) premium subscription while you have it! 

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I got this email when I registered my new Samsung Note 2014:

You’ve successfully activated your complimentary 12 months of Premium, courtesy of Samsung.

Start enjoying the best of Evernote.

Collect your work in one place. Notes are four times larger for ample space to collect the text, photos, and files you need for any project.

Stay productive anywhere. Take notebooks offline to access your notes anywhere, even without a network connection.

Find what you need — fast. Evernote’s search makes it easy to find anything in your account. Text in Office documents, PDFs, and images is searchable.

Peace of mind. Set a passcode lock to add a layer of protection to the app on your Samsung phone or tablet.

These are just a few reasons you’ll love Evernote Premium.

I was just trying to sync as I too am a new user. I hope I will not be charged at the end of the trail (which I will not remember in 12th. )

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When your premium trial ends, you will still be able to sync and have access to all of the data you put into Evernote throughout the trial period. You'll be subject to the limits of a free account for all new content as outlined here:


and you'll have access to only free features as outlined here:


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We have many partnerships with other companies where free Evernote Premium is part of the package. Our most common partnerships are with carriers (like Deutsche Telekom) and device manufacturers (like Samsung). If you buy an Android or iOS device from one of our partners, it may come with Evernote Premium, which can be activated with one click. See http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/01/21/evernote-and-deutsche-telekom-expand-partnership-to-12-new-countries/


In these cases, we do not collect any payment information from you when you redeem your Premium offer, so it would actually be impossible for us to automatically bill you when your Premium expires. Also, since you have not made a payment, you will not see anything in your Payment History. Instead, you will get an email reminder 7 days before your Premium expires. You can then choose whether to pay for Premium or not.

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Hi Nancy,

Maybe you can help me out.  I just bought a Samsung Note 4, and when I first use Evernote on it, the was an 'upgrade to premium' offer. I didn't immediately click on the upgrade (saving it for another day).  However, today, I start to realize I can't find the upgrade button anymore ?  I tried searching the samsung Galaxy apps but can't find a clue on how to activate the premium offer. Please help

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@E Mokh, It should still be there in the Settings, Preferences, or First-Launch-Experience part of your Evernote App, depending on which version of our Android app you are using.


@Paul, those promotions are tied to your device, so you won't be able to find the promotion by logging in to your account on evernote.com.

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Sometime in the last few days I received an alert on my phone with what appeared to be an offer to upgrade to (or trial?) Premium. I opened the link for later and it is gone. Where would it have gone? Certainly not anywhere in my account info as they are all links to Premium purchase only. What happened?

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I realize this thread has some months on it... but as one who glossed over the initial offer, and couldn't locate it afterwards, I discovered that if you log out of the android application, the offer will be presented at your next login. Just to be sure the app closes after logging out, I'd recommend rebooting your phone, before signing in.

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