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Reading on Evernote - Suggested Improvements

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The Evernote community should ring in on features that could improve the reading experience for articles, reports, and other long reads.


I use Evernote to save articles, especially long articles, that I want to read later. So when I am in transit, going to bed, or just in the mood for a good read, I can find the articles that I saved for later reading. The offline notebooks included in the Premium account was one of the main features that convinced me to subscribe. I usually use Clearly or Web Clipper to save articles to my "Unread" notebook, and then I switch them to "Read" or another notebook after I've finished reading.


There are a few small changes that I would suggest to improve the reading experience, especially on mobile devices:


  • Night Mode: I'd love the opportunity to switch to reading on a dark background.
  • Bookmarks: It's often difficult for me to pick up where I left off. I would use a quick bookmark feature a lot.
  • Read/Unread?: Using notebooks for read and unread has worked well for me. One could also use tags. Is there another way to flag a note as read/unread? Should there be?


That's all. I'd love to hear from other people about how they use Evernote for reading and also give suggestions for improvements.


* Thank you to the developers for the great work that you all do. I love love love Evernote. :)

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Hey Worksgood,


Great to hear from you! These are good ideas to chew on.


Both [night mode and bookmarks] have been requested many times before, but I've yet to hear of anything in the works for them.


True. On a quick search I found night-mode requests from 2010, 2011, and 2013-2014, plus a 2010 post requesting integration with Kindle reading app, which has a night mode. It may be a lost cause. Yet the presentation feature has a night mode, so...


Bookmarks have been requested fewer times in the forums, but the requests are there from at least 2012-2014 and 2013.



For bookmarks on long articles, you could just highlight the first word or two of the last line you read - or the first line of where to pick up reading it later.


This is a good suggestion. I've done this on my Android phone, but I find it a bit clunky to click edit, highlight the word or sentence, then save.



Where I've found Evernote really handy in all this is that I can create linked and tagged notes about author and publishing vital stats to help me remember which volumes I already own, and to identify those that I don't when I'm out and come across any new or used books by them.


That is pretty cool! And you are quite a bibliophile. I'm not as systematic about my reading and tracking of authors, but your work/reading flow gives me some ideas. Thanks for sharing!



Most [new and upcoming features] seem to be focused on business users and the push to sell EN's new virtual "workstations" set-up.


I use Evernote for business and research a lot. However, the news that's been coming out suggests a singular focus on making Evernote perfect for business. I thought a general topic on how people use Evernote for reading would add voice to this concern.


Bonus: People in businesses read stuff. Sometimes long complicated stuff that is best suited for integration with Evernote, reading at night, and bookmarking.


Thanks for chiming in!

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