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  1. Hey Worksgood, Great to hear from you! These are good ideas to chew on. True. On a quick search I found night-mode requests from 2010, 2011, and 2013-2014, plus a 2010 post requesting integration with Kindle reading app, which has a night mode. It may be a lost cause. Yet the presentation feature has a night mode, so... Bookmarks have been requested fewer times in the forums, but the requests are there from at least 2012-2014 and 2013. This is a good suggestion. I've done this on my Android phone, but I find it a bit clunky to click edit, highlight the word or sentence, then save. That is pretty cool! And you are quite a bibliophile. I'm not as systematic about my reading and tracking of authors, but your work/reading flow gives me some ideas. Thanks for sharing! I use Evernote for business and research a lot. However, the news that's been coming out suggests a singular focus on making Evernote perfect for business. I thought a general topic on how people use Evernote for reading would add voice to this concern. Bonus: People in businesses read stuff. Sometimes long complicated stuff that is best suited for integration with Evernote, reading at night, and bookmarking. Thanks for chiming in!
  2. I love Evernote and use it everyday. I have been using it for less than a year, and I have 500+ notes, so I'm not (yet) a "power user." My complaints are far fewer than my praises. I like the use of the rhetorical questions. I have a few answers of features that are not (yet) in Evernote. What makes me a better writer? Headings. Organizing my ideas into sections make me a better communicator and allows me to improve the way I group things within a document. I use headings on webpages, emails, reports, Evernote forum comments ... everything. I'd love the ability to use headings in Evernote as HTML documents use headings. They could even be of universal formats that I set in the Options > Note panel with the default font. What makes me a better collector? I love the collection tools! Clearly is, like, clearly awesome. Skitch, Web Clipper, the whole lot. </fanboy> I'm still struggling to use Evernote for calendar, reminders, to-do lists, etc. The options are still a bit clunky for my purposes. It's difficult to collaborate on to-do lists, and when sitting together (digitally) to compose reminders/lists/dates for things, it's just tough. I'd love better integration with Google calendar and reminders to be shared with collaborators. What makes me a better finder? I can't think of anything to add to Evernote just yet. I love the idea of the Context stuff that is in the works. What makes me a better presenter? Headings. Line Spacing / Zooming. I don't want to compose my text/presentation in a monster font, but I'd love to be able to change the size and legibility when I'm in presentation mode. I've had to take text from one note and paste it into a specific presentation note where I set the font to bold 24-point so that people can read it. Some kind of zoom feature and a way to add white space for presentations would be nice. * Thank you, developers. You are my heroes.
  3. The Evernote community should ring in on features that could improve the reading experience for articles, reports, and other long reads. I use Evernote to save articles, especially long articles, that I want to read later. So when I am in transit, going to bed, or just in the mood for a good read, I can find the articles that I saved for later reading. The offline notebooks included in the Premium account was one of the main features that convinced me to subscribe. I usually use Clearly or Web Clipper to save articles to my "Unread" notebook, and then I switch them to "Read" or another notebook after I've finished reading. There are a few small changes that I would suggest to improve the reading experience, especially on mobile devices: Night Mode: I'd love the opportunity to switch to reading on a dark background. Bookmarks: It's often difficult for me to pick up where I left off. I would use a quick bookmark feature a lot. Read/Unread?: Using notebooks for read and unread has worked well for me. One could also use tags. Is there another way to flag a note as read/unread? Should there be? That's all. I'd love to hear from other people about how they use Evernote for reading and also give suggestions for improvements. * Thank you to the developers for the great work that you all do. I love love love Evernote.
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