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Sorry guys... I can't believe you've seriously done this.


Is the app fast? Yes... actually, from a technical implementation perspective it rocks.


But from a USER INTERFACE perspective, I am - as they say in the North of England - Gobsmacked! It is simply terrible.


I'll just give a few pointers... the rest you surely will get (or maybe you need to go out and hire some user interaction experts... study how your users use Evernote.


  • It's the Web interface. Full screen. I'm probably using a computer. In today's day and age I'm probably using my own computer. So, why would I use a web interface anyway?
    • Oh yes... that's because I want to look up something when I'm NOT on my own computer. So what do you do? give me a blank new note.
  • If I do want to create a note, then - just like I'm typing in this forum - then when I want bullets or any other formatting, I don't want to move my mouse to some unobvious on the RH side... and then wait while it unfolds to give me the options. This is even MORE important on the web... because the shortcuts (if there are any) are certainly not the same as on my Mac.
    • Name me a typing app that has the toolbar on the RH side. Name me an Evernote client (apart from this Beta of course) that has the toolbar on the RH side. Oh... and a tool bar that requires several movements to get what one wants.
  • Finally, the same goes for the LH side. Leave me my shortcuts. Or leave me my notebooks if that's what I choose. 


I won't go further. But please... think about how we use Evernote... not how it looks cool (not that I don't like cool... but never at the expense of functionality).




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What you are seeing is not the finished product, not something being imposed on you. It is a beta you have opted into. 

While I think ranting is fine, we all need to do that from time to time, this is a beta test period, a time when Evernote is looking for constructive feedback on precisely how users use the web interface, what is important, what does or doesn't work, and so on (all filtered through their own vision of the product too). So, while rants are fine, rather than such a heated attack I'd say it would be more productive to offer some lucid, constructive suggestions, rather than accuse Evernote of pulling the rug out from under you. 

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