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download problem


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I installed Evernote on my iPad & desktop without difficulty.

When I tried to download to my Android through Playstore, I got an error msg, "invalid download URI".

When I tried to download throu/h Chrome, I get msg that it is installed, but it is NOT!

Anybody had this problem?

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Android runs the Evernote app quite happily,  so I'm not sure what might have happened to yours..  the Play Store shows you what's installed and what's not,  and offers you an option to UNinstall if necessary.  What happens if you try to use that option?  Try downloading and installing the app again via the Play Store - you can also go to play.google.com in a desktop browser and get an app downloaded to your device...

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Thanks for your reply, Operative!

The Play Store tells me the app is installed, but it is not. When i click on the installed button, it takes me to another window with an install button. After I click on that, I get a very nice message saying, "Congratulations! Evernote will be installed on your device soon! (That's been coming up for 5 days now.) No other option in that window other than to cick "OK". This result is from downloading through the Evernote website through Chrome. When I attempt to download through the Play Store, I get an error message saying, 
Download error. Invalid URI."

I cannot uninstall, because the app is not installed.

Any further suggestions most welcome, thanks very much!

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Are you out of or close to the limit on storage space?  I'd suggest you go through the Apps Manager on your device and check for anything Evernote related,  plus clearing any software caches - there are a few Android 'cleaners' around.  I use one called "All-In-One Toolbox" - that removes traces of old apps and cleans caches.  Then try agan.


Worst case - you may have to consider backing up your device and system resetting it back to factory settings to start over.

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