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  1. Thanks Gazumped! That did it. Dumped cahed data, installed all-in-one toolbox, cleaned up and evernote installed fine. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for your reply, Operative! The Play Store tells me the app is installed, but it is not. When i click on the installed button, it takes me to another window with an install button. After I click on that, I get a very nice message saying, "Congratulations! Evernote will be installed on your device soon! (That's been coming up for 5 days now.) No other option in that window other than to cick "OK". This result is from downloading through the Evernote website through Chrome. When I attempt to download through the Play Store, I get an error message saying, Download error. Invalid URI." I cannot uninstall, because the app is not installed. Any further suggestions most welcome, thanks very much!
  3. I installed Evernote on my iPad & desktop without difficulty. When I tried to download to my Android through Playstore, I got an error msg, "invalid download URI". When I tried to download throu/h Chrome, I get msg that it is installed, but it is NOT! Anybody had this problem?
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