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I am new to Evernote and hope that one of you can answer this question.

Is there a way to have Evernote open in NOTEBOOKS, rather than in ALL NOTES, whcih seems to be the default, at least on my Samsung Galaxy S4?

Thank you, Richard

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I just downloaded it about 3 weeks ago.  The version on my computer says (138249) Public

Not sure how to find the version I am using on my android cell phone, but I assume it is the latest.

Thanks for your interest in helping me.


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Hi Richard.  Sorry about that - your first note "at least on my Samsung Galaxy S4" should have been a small clue as to what you were using;  my only excuse - I'm on European time so 2:25am is after my brain's bedtime...


Anyway.  The short answer to your query is "not as such".  Evernote shows up on both the desktop and Android versions with a list of notes (and,  in some views,  any reminders you set) being the main focus.  The assumption is I guess that you'll either want to follow up on a reminder, add a new note or search for an old one,  so that's the most effective view.  On the desktop you can look in the left panel and click 'Notebooks' to see either a drop down list in that window (via the little arrow to the left of the title) or a screen listing of notebooks.  You can't save that view unfortunately.


On the Android the situation is the same - open the app and see the reminders/ notes.  Swipe to the right and choose 'notebooks' to see the list.


However in both cases you will see all the notes from all your notebooks,  and you can add a new note to any notebook,  so strictly speaking you don't need to see that list.  Is there a special reason you need it showing?

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What you can do is this:

* Open up the Notebooks panel

* Tap on the notebook that you want to use as your starting notebook

* You should now be looking at that notebook

* Tap on the menu icon (three dots) at the top of the screen, and select "Add to Home Screen"

* Give it a name that you like


A new shortcut will appear on your desktop with that name; tap on it, and it will open Evernote to that notebook. Hopefully this works on your Samsung device; it works on my Nexus 7 and my Motorola phone.


You should be able to do this with any note filter.

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Thank you very much, both of you fellows.

Jeff, I will certainly try your suggestion of creating a shortcut on my desktop for the most used notebooks--great idea.

Gaz, I keep forgetting that I can swipe to the list of notebooks.  THanks.  >>Is there a special reason you need it showing?<<  Not really;  It would just save me a step.  I have organized my notes by Notebook.  So, when I am with a particular employee, for example,  I need to find his Notebook so I can give him his tasks.

Thank you for taking the time to respond so fully to my question.  I'm really enjoying Evernote, and it is replacing my Sony digital recorder pretty well.

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A new question that probably deserves a new topic, but since you have been so helpful, I am posting it here.

On my Android Samsung Galaxy S4, BUT NOT on the computer, when I go to edit a note by tapping the pencil icon, some of the notes disappear and all I see is a little padlock icon.  There is a one padlock for each paragraph.  Each paragraph has a check box.

This is not true of all notes where I am using check boxes, but in some.  What's up?  Any idea?

Thank you, RIchard

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