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(Archived) Difficulty logging in on android


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On the Android, I am entering the e-mail as the login form says and I have tried both the password for my evernote account and for my gmail account, and it just sorta stares at me. By the way, the form says PixelPipe. No one else seems to be complaining. I'm wondering whether I should uninstall and start over - reinstall. Also, have I messed up by going through the android Market? I did that AND through the weblink.

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Possibly related.. I was having trouble authenticating with the Android client. On a hunch, I tried reducing the length of my password from 20 characters down to 12 (and removing "special characters" from it). After simplifying/shortening my password, I am able to authenticate.

Seems like there may be a bug where the text field for the password gets truncated??

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