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  1. You can use SHIFT-ALT-D in the Windows client to insert a date/time stamp. That's what you need, right? - shannon
  2. Thank you for the response. I think it would be helpful if the UI could be changed to reflect this behavior. Obviously it is not a critical issue, but it is confusing - the application claims to be syncing, but no data actually moves. Also, the UI message when you save a note should (in my opinion) be changed. Right now it says "Uploading note", but actually it is just saving the note locally.
  3. I have a (sort of) similar issue. I set the WiFi option on automatic sync, so that the app should only sync automatically when I am connected to WiFi. But that causes manual sync to be impossible - if I try to initiate a sync manually it will just tell me it is syncing, but no notes will be uploaded. - shannon
  4. For what it's worth, I don't think that it is an issue of resources which is causing the hang in the UI. It seems to so reliably hang the whole UI after the second character of every word I type that it really seems to me like there must be a loop in the code which waits for the second character and then starts calling the search code. Also, clearing the search and then typing the same words is much more responsive, without as much of a noticeable hang.
  5. I wouldn't call my database large - it's currently about 7GB. Since premium users when I started using Evernote a few years ago could add 500MB per month, you might expect a user to accumulate 7GB in just 14 months. Of course, now premium users get 1GB per month. For the length of time I've been a user, I could have easily accumulated twice what I have. I think I have about 15,000 notes. I feel like this is well within the expected usage of the service. I think the fact that users on this thread are replying back that they have worked around the issue by doing things like using ENScript.exe and typing their queries into Notepad, then copying them over to the search box, are really big red flags. If Evernote is going to continue growing users and really bring in a mainstream PC audience, the search box is going to have to work like a good search box, for common users, during common use cases. My gut is telling me that's not true right now. Typical users just aren't going to tolerate workarounds in order to get something as basic as search to work well. Of course, if the users with problems on this thread are not really common users, maybe because it turns out that they have some bug in their database which causes the problem, then I hope further steps can be taken to help identify the bug. I don't mean that search is simple to implement - not at all. But from a user's point of view it is a simple function in their user experience. It should work easily. As for Google's instant search - I sometimes appreciate it and sometimes don't care about it. But very importantly, it has *never* caused a delay in my user experience, and I'm sure Google's database is much bigger than my measly 7GB of Evernote data.. :-) I remember when I first started using Evernote I saw a demo where a guy used the incremental search features of Evernote. It was very snazzy and definitely appealed to me. It's a cool feature. But given that it has consistently not worked without causing the UI to hang, over at least a year's worth of updates in software, spanning both the 3.5 and 4.x versions, and both Windows XP and Windows 7, I think there may be enough reason to add a simple checkbox to the options UI to allow the feature to be turned off. When I first opened a support case about this last year, I was told that the problem would go away once I was on Windows 7 with the rewritten Evernote 4, but that turned out not to be true. Also, I'd be willing to pay $6 per month, if the service included the ability to turn off the unfortunately not-snazzy incremental search feature. ;-)
  6. Hi, I decided to bring up a topic from an old thread again, since the truth is, it still bugs me and I wish the implementation would change. Here's a link to my last post, from October 2010: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=19679 Part of the reason I am bringing it up again is that I am now using a snazzy new PC running the latest OS - Windows 7, and I am using the latest version of Evernote available. So the fact that typing into the search box clearly hangs the entire user interface at two characters into each word, for a few seconds each time, to me means that this implementation is well-baked into the Evernote product. It doesn't seem like there are any signs of fixing it.. It doesn't seem like it is flagged as a bug.. :-( Now, maybe I am among only a few users who are experiencing this issue, for whatever reason. Or maybe others who are experiencing it just aren't bothered by it. But since I can only be bothered by and care about my own personal experience bugs, I will ask for an implementation change which would significantly improve my own personal user experience. My vote: Please provide an option to turn off "search as you type", so that I can just do my search when I hit , which is what I end up doing anyway, except now I have to wait through a lot of hesitations at the two-char marks before getting to get to the end of my search phrase to hit . :-)
  7. Of course, Peter. I can send you more information via PM. The only thing I would ask is that if you come to feel the bug I am seeing is not widespread or significant enough to justify further research, just let me know and I will live with it. Even though for me it is a very significant bug, I do not want to give it more attention than it deserves within the larger plan of Evernote's improvement. Since I am heavily invested as an Evernote user, what is most important to me is the long-term improvement of the product for everyone. But I happen to think the user interface has lagged behind over components of the product/service at times, and that this will hurt new user adoption as the product becomes more mainstream. And of course, it sure would be nice to have a snappy user interface for myself! :-) - shannon
  8. Hi Peter, Thank you for your follow-up. I really appreciate it, and the attentive and personal support are a big reason why Evernote is a good company for its users. I've included the output of DebugView below. Just let me know if there is any other information you think I can provide which might help. The performance of this feature has been an issue for me on each of my machines for several years. Since for me it is an easily reproducible and obvious bug (in several different installation, over many versions), I would have assumed it was on Evernote's bug list. I know that other users have reported the issue on v3.5 on the support forum. So I am glad that I decided to report it again since your response makes me think Evernote is not aware of the issue. Please forgive my outsider assessment that the "search as you type" was happening on a blocking thread. Of course I can't know that without seeing the code, but from what I can tell as a user, the search is effectively happening on a blocking thread, and reliably happens after two characters typed, no matter how fast I try to get in three characters.. It seems related to application behavior, and not simply to operating environment conditions. For background info, all of my Evernote installations are on Windows XP machines with about a 2.3Ghz processor. My current database is about 13,000 notes and about 6GB. I know these machines are relatively old and slow, but since I don't have reproducible performance problems with any applications (except Evernote), there is no reason for me to buy newer hardware or use a newer operating system. As I mentioned, this issue has occurred for me for several years. But I first reported it via support in February 2010: [*:1i94hzn4]Ticket #84593 - February 24, 2010 - (Closed) [Premium] Possible to turn off "search as you type"? (Evernote 3.5) [*:1i94hzn4]Ticket #97072 - April 26, 2010 - (Closed) [Premium] Poor search performance (Evernote 3.5) In Ticket #97072, I was told by a lead engineer: I decided not to downgrade since the bug was not critical enough for me. Later in the ticket, I was told: Again - any help is appreciated, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help collect further info. 00000000 0.00000000 [6052] CSingleNoteView::OnDestroy: executed in 0.000018 sec 00000001 4.13044882 [6052] CSearchThread::Search: executed in 0.006465 sec 00000002 4.38764429 [6052] CNoteList::SetNotes: 13804 notes set in 0.023704 sec 00000003 4.53763866 [6052] CHtmlNoteCtrl::LoadNote: uid=35881 executed in 0.004407 sec 00000004 4.72048521 [4380] CMainFrame::OnCreate: entered at 0.021794 sec 00000005 4.73873615 [4380] CMainFrame::OnCreate: executed in 0.018297 sec 00000006 4.86171627 [6052] CHtmlNoteRendererCtrl::RenderNote: note uid=35876 loaded in 0.114906 sec 00000007 4.86188650 [6052] CHtmlNoteImageRenderer::Render: uid=35876 executed in 0.370207 sec 00000008 5.03191376 [6052] CHtmlNoteRendererCtrl::RenderNote: note uid=35878 loaded in 0.111067 sec 00000009 5.03208208 [6052] CHtmlNoteImageRenderer::Render: uid=35878 executed in 0.111479 sec 00000010 5.28215981 [6052] CHtmlNoteRendererCtrl::RenderNote: note uid=35874 loaded in 0.207975 sec 00000011 5.28232813 [6052] CHtmlNoteImageRenderer::Render: uid=35874 executed in 0.208729 sec 00000012 5.53993225 [6052] CHtmlNoteRendererCtrl::RenderNote: note uid=35871 loaded in 0.191918 sec 00000013 5.54017544 [6052] CHtmlNoteImageRenderer::Render: uid=35871 executed in 0.192493 sec 00000014 5.84516954 [6052] CHtmlNoteRendererCtrl::RenderNote: note uid=35864 loaded in 0.248459 sec 00000015 5.84535646 [6052] CHtmlNoteImageRenderer::Render: uid=35864 executed in 0.291451 sec 00000016 6.05032539 [6052] CHtmlNoteRendererCtrl::RenderNote: note uid=35858 loaded in 0.096396 sec 00000017 6.05049992 [6052] CHtmlNoteImageRenderer::Render: uid=35858 executed in 0.096794 sec 00000018 6.09528017 [4380] CMainView::LoadNoteContent: cb=270 00000019 6.13958597 [4380] CMainView::SendNoteImage : note image rendered in 0.046804 sec 00000020 6.18017435 [6052] CHtmlNoteRendererCtrl::RenderNote: note uid=35856 loaded in 0.050141 sec 00000021 6.18922663 [6052] CHtmlNoteImageRenderer::Render: uid=35856 executed in 0.097422 sec 00000022 6.41721010 [6052] CSearchThread::Search: executed in 0.002658 sec 00000023 6.50000191 [6052] CNoteList::SetNotes: 13804 notes set in 0.022066 sec 00000024 11.18332481 [4380] CMainFrame::OnDestroy: executed in 0.000003 sec 00000025 11.26759529 [4380] EvernoteThumbnailer::WinMain: app ended in 0.084917 sec 00000026 16.25836945 [6052] CSearchThread::Search: executed in 8.046857 sec 00000027 16.45328903 [6052] CSearchThread::Search: executed in 0.191893 sec 00000028 16.47390556 [6052] CNoteList::SetNotes: 11310 notes set in 0.019471 sec 00000029 16.68297195 [6052] CSearchThread::Search: executed in 0.128567 sec 00000030 16.80986786 [6052] CNoteList::SetNotes: 219 notes set in 0.009674 sec 00000031 17.09549904 [6052] CHtmlNoteCtrl::LoadNote: uid=35556 executed in 0.202228 sec 00000032 17.32750320 [460] CMainFrame::OnCreate: entered at 0.024883 sec 00000033 17.39247704 [460] CMainFrame::OnCreate: executed in 0.061495 sec 00000034 17.41386032 [460] CMainView::LoadNoteContent: cb=4743 00000035 17.63717270 [460] CMainView::SendNoteImage : note image rendered in 0.231941 sec 00000036 17.64275932 [6052] CHtmlNoteRendererCtrl::RenderNote: note uid=35854 loaded in 0.240988 sec 00000037 17.66640854 [6052] CHtmlNoteImageRenderer::Render: uid=35854 executed in 1.118856 sec 00000038 22.67652512 [460] CMainFrame::OnDestroy: executed in 0.000003 sec 00000039 23.55146027 [460] EvernoteThumbnailer::WinMain: app ended in 0.883790 sec
  9. I appreciate the hard work that is going into moving forward to Evernote 4! One "feature" of this and the previous versions that has only caused me frustration is "search as you type" - so that when I start typing into the search box the application will begin its search while I am still typing. First, the feature seems to work better than it used to. It used to be that if I tried to search for "apple", the search would [*:1owyyi0k]Bring back all notes containing "a" (which was sort of silly) [*:1owyyi0k]Then bring back all notes containing "ap" (almost just as silly) [*:1owyyi0k]And eventually bring back my "apple" notes after the user interface got enough thread time to let me finish typing the full search term Now, the search seems to be triggered by two characters typed, and the search itself is faster. But still, a search for "apple" will bring back results for "ap" before letting me finish. A few suggestions: [*:1owyyi0k]Since I don't ever like "search as you type", my vote would be to give an option to turn it off. Of course, if it could reliably work as quickly as Google's new "instant search", that would be fine, but Evernote's implementation is not even in the same ballpark as Google's, even though the data is all local. This is not a criticism of Evernote - I think it's a darned hard feature to implement effectively. [*:1owyyi0k]If giving an option to turn off the feature is not possible, then I vote for implementing search in a non-blocking thread that does not cause the user interface to hang. From what I can tell, just as a user of the interface, the current code is using the same thread to get input and search the database, with a big "hippo" of a slow search stuck in the middle. :-) So, that's my feedback. Everything else about the product and service has been great, or at least good enough that I know the non-good bits will be resolved quickly. But the search feature seems like maybe it is intended to stay in what I think is still too rough an implementation for daily usage.. Thanks for any consideration, and I hope my comments get filed in a special notebook in your personal digital memory! -- sw
  10. Note history is in my latest update to the Desktop client.. That's awesome - thanks! I also like the new text box for the note title. Not as appealing visually, but I think editing an existing title is now much clearer with just one click to put the cursor where you want.
  11. Just wanted to say "thanks" for the Note History feature which recently showed up in the Web version: http://blog.evernote.com/2010/04/14/new ... 0mb-notes/ Looks nice.. And looking forward to seeing it in the Desktop version some point in the future. Thanks for all the hard work, and always good to see significant new features such as this, which to me are clear indications of the strength of the product's future development.
  12. I would also like to see something added to the UI to make it more difficult to accidentally delete an attached file. Other than that, I think the ability to edit attached files and have the edits saved seamlessly back to the database is a pretty cool feature, and seems to be working well for me as I start experimenting with it. Also just wanted to note (in case anyone reading does not already know) that the "Attachments" subfolder of your database folder has a copy of your attached file whenever you edit a file. I think this was mentioned in another thread somewhere..
  13. Possibly related.. I was having trouble authenticating with the Android client. On a hunch, I tried reducing the length of my password from 20 characters down to 12 (and removing "special characters" from it). After simplifying/shortening my password, I am able to authenticate. Seems like there may be a bug where the text field for the password gets truncated??
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