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  1. I am on Windows 8. This isn't the end of the earth, just thought it would be easy to implement a user preference capability to choose what EN opens to.
  2. I am an infrequent user, non business. When I use it, I want in and out quickly. So when I start Evernote, it starts with "Notebooks" closed, I would like the option of when I start Evernote, have it automatically start with the "Notebooks" (plural) folder open, and in the main content window, show "My notebook list" This, instead of "All Notes" so I can quickly see and get to the Notebook I want. l know it's not much time, but how hard would it be to give the option of making that default setting? I would think that would be very easy to achieve, with a preference setting, cooky or whatever. Others might want it to open to a particular notebook...
  3. On the Android, I am entering the e-mail as the login form says and I have tried both the password for my evernote account and for my gmail account, and it just sorta stares at me. By the way, the form says PixelPipe. No one else seems to be complaining. I'm wondering whether I should uninstall and start over - reinstall. Also, have I messed up by going through the android Market? I did that AND through the weblink.
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