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Tag rollback?

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I have worked over some time to nest various tags for better organization. In doing this, I also renamed various tags, such as to add a "." before the title. Several days ago, I started noticing that my tags appear to have reverted to what they used to be. As far as I can tell, my notes have not been erased, but many of the changes to my tags have. 


Was this intentional? Or is it a bug?


I use Evernote on iPad mini, iPhone and Mac.

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Sounds like the changes have rippled across all your devices via the web.  I can only imagine that the original problem came from some change that was made on one of your devices that has now copied to all of them - Evernote doesn't (IME) make major alterations to tag structures at random.  Unfortunately as it has now gone through the whole system all you can do is try to recreate the new structure again.  Once you have got the setup to the point you're happy with it,  I'd recommend regular copies of your database until you're happy that the whole thing is stable.  Local backups are a wonderful thing when this sort of issue arises.


I'd also suggest you raise a support ticket.  You may not get much response other than an acknowledgement,  but it raises a flag that something may need attention here..

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Ok, thanks. I've already started renaming and re-nesting the tags.


The one variable that might have been the cause ... I've tried using Gneo on iOS off and on to get a todo app that connects to Evernote. I recently reinstalled it to my iPad and reconnect to Evernote. I'm not sure if that happened before or after the renaming and reordering of the tags... but I've already removed Gneo again. It just doesn't work well for me.

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