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Global Tagging in EB

Robert C.


It looks like there is no way in EB to create "global tags."  In other words, tags that will be recognized across business notebooks regardless of whether there is a note with those tags AND regardless of whether the user belongs to both notebooks.


Right now, it seems like tags in one notebook will not be recognized in another unless the user belongs to both notebooks.


For now, I found a workaround (which is a pain, but it works). 


(1) I have one user (me) that has joined ALL the notebooks.  

(2) I have all users join a small notebook devoted just to global tags. Let's call that the "central tagging notebook."

(3) In the central tagging notebook, I have notes that only serve as tag collectors.  I assign ALL the tags from the entire database to these notes (about a dozen of them). EB notes can only take about 100 tags, so I have to use multiple notes to house the oodles of tags we have. I have a notes for tags A thru B, C thru D, and so on.

(4) As other users periodically create new tags, I update the tag collectors. I pull up all the unassigned tags with these notes and click, click, click. click, until I've accounted for all the unassigned tags.


If there is an easier way to do this, Please let me know. 

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