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"Latest Visitors" & "Profile Views"

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I couldn't find any search matches in the forum for either "Profile Views" or "Latest Visitors".


Under one's profile, there seems to be a discrepancy in that the "Latest Visitors" section could not possibly correlate with "Profile Views". The latest visitors are too few and far between to account for the increase in profile views almost in real time. Perhaps I'm missing something. Would that mean that most people who visit one's profile are just guests passing through? That's quite a high percentage. Or does the "Latest Visitors" block not show all registered users who stop by?


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  • Evernote Staff

Yes--a very large portion of the forum's traffic is guest traffic, and would account for any major discrepancy between what you're seeing in profile views v. latest visitors.


Whoops, and that's me--I'm both admin and gbarry. :)

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