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Evernote for Mac: Finding notes that do not have a geo-location




I would like to find all my notes that do not have a geo-location stored in their informations.

But I cannot find any way to get them without checking every note manually.


So is there a way for finding them?


Thank you in advance,


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Just browsing through:



I played around a bit and I believe searching:


will produce a list of all notes that do not have location information (The search query, in plain english might be like "return all notes that have no latitude data"). 


I get nearly 700 results when I conduct this search so I haven't checked each of them to verify 100% accuracy, but looking at about 12 of the notes that it returns confirms they have no location information. 



UPDATE: I checked another 20 randomly selected search results and they too do not have location info, so I think that this search term will work for your needs.

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It got it working now by using this: -lattitude:* -longitude:*

All results that are displayed now are without location.


I think you misspelled "latitude" in your post.

I assume it was just a typo in your post, and in your actual Search you spelled it correctly.

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