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  1. My old reply was removed. Short version: I did not wanted to offend you or degrade your response. I´m sorry if it seemed like that. :-( I have fixed my performance issues by setting the SD-Card "guideline" from faster removing" to "better performance" - I do not know the correct english translations for those points. Maybe this helps others too.
  2. Thanks for your reply. But I do not see it like youre pointing it down here. Speaking for my hardware (Surface Pro 6) the SD-Slot is indeed there for an additional storage like an extra harddisk. And writing some text in Evernote is nothing compared to saving 30MB big raw files on a camera while taking photos. So there can´t be an issue caused by heat or throttling down the card to avoid too much heat. The issue must be somewhere else.
  3. I had no issues with the performance. When I move all back to the SSD its running perfectly again. After moving back to SD-Card its getting stuck again.
  4. I´m having the same issues as soon as I move the database and evernote files to the SD-Card (U3 with really good writing and reading speeds) in my Surface Pro 6. Evernote is not usable then. But I have no idea why there is so much write- and readactivity while just typing some text into a note. From my point of view there is a big performance-issues within evernote regarding IO on harddisks that should be fixed.
  5. Just googled "encryption at rest". Sounds good. Thank you for the feedback. Best regards
  6. Sorry for the late response. :-( No, I am aware of the day when somebody corrupts the evernote infrastructure and steals all customers data. And the best way to reduce the "damage" would be an encryption by default.
  7. I think encryption is very important. At the moment it is not possible to encrypt notes on a mobile device and the way notes can be encrypted is really complicated. So from my point of view everything stored in evernote must be encrypted directly when it is stored. On all devices. What do you think?
  8. Using another app would force me to switch context. It would be a much better workflow if it would work within Evernote. Also it should not be that complicated to be implemented.
  9. Hi, it would be really useful if it would be possible to merges serveral selected notes together to one note as it is already possible on the desktop-clients. I think this would improve productivity alot as I often have several notes at the start and then I merge them together to one note as they have the same context. Thank you.
  10. Yes, this would be really nice.
  11. Hey, yes. Sorry for the typo. Surely I meant this: -latitude:* -longitude:* doex
  12. Hey, thank you for the reply. That indeed helped me. It got it working now by using this: -lattitude:* -longitude:* All results that are displayed now are without location. Thank you :-) doex
  13. Hi, I would like to find all my notes that do not have a geo-location stored in their informations. But I cannot find any way to get them without checking every note manually. So is there a way for finding them? Thank you in advance, doex
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