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Search Syntaxes Required

Sugeeth Krish

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Hi, can some advanced user please let me know some of these search syntaxes for the following combinations.


1. Find all Notes without any attachment in a Notebook.

2. Find all Notes without any attachment in a Notebook stack.

3. Find all Image attachments in a Notebook/Stack.

4. Find PDF attachments in a Notebook/Stack.

5. Find all Notes with any attachment kind in a notebook/stack.



6. What is the search syntax to find two words ( Apple and Ball) / ( Apple or Ball) in a Notebook.





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Hmmm, I think I can help:

  1. notebook:Name -resource:*
  2. stack:Name -resource:*
  3. notebook:Name resource:image/* (and similar for the stack case)
  4. notebook:Name resource:application/pdf
  5. notebook:Name resource:*

Note that if your notebook or stack names contain spaces, you need to put double quotes around them.  Also the notebook: / stack: restrictor seems to have to be the first argument


Evernote search terms are AND by default so:


apple ball


finds notes with 'apple' AND 'ball'


It is not possible to mix AND and OR terms in a search; it's either all of one or the other, so:


any: apple ball (note the space after any:)


will return notes with either 'apple' or 'ball' and


stack:Name any: apple ball


restricts the search to the stack called 'Name'.


Hopefully this helps...

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If you haven't read the Evernote Search Grammar page, you should. It's missing the "stack:term, and the formal grammar given there is incomplete, but the rule about putting "notebook:" first in a search is there (in searches "notebook:" and "stack:" are pretty much syntactically equivalent. If "any:" is used, it must appear after any "notebook:" (or "stack:") term.

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